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That this spring had become a destination he decided to make it more accessible he's the one who installed the bigger white plastic pipe and punched it full of holes this scene at newlands can be a little jarring on the one hand there's a drought which is why everyone's here on the other there's water literally gushing at this site you know it just vons you know marine ron is a retiree cape town's wealthiest residents have spent as much as fifteen thousand dollars to drill boreholes tap into the groundwater under their houses the city's poorest residents live in townships where they've had to rely on water from common pipes for years crun is in between these two extremes and she thinks about the higher water rates i only get to sit in amount of money in a month so i won't buy extra collecting water at the spring has become a little ecosystem when there are lines people talk together porter's cart jugs and buckets uphill to people's cars and those are often parked bumper to bumper which can be a pain for some of the neighbors we live hoffa look from the spink up the street mark long locks his front gate he's the priest at the local church and sometimes the water collectors fill up the church parking lot or block the streets and infect had some prudishness his on the corner who sold the house and moved out because they just couldn't get out of the city has taken some responsibility on the day i visit police keep people moving and direct cars as they park and there can be some positives to having a spring importers just next door long says the porter's bring water to the church's school during the week.

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