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Yeah. No I think I. Think for me, honestly is to slow things down into slow. The input! There's a lot coming at us all the time in. It's literally like tennis said just stop and to disconnect. Or a significant amount of time so for me, I needed. Time? To disengage with. You know not everyone can do that and certainly not right now. But at some point, everyone should should take a beat and. Cana. What do you do? You know I think no is a form of self care I'm learning. Of Self Preservation of not extending myself. Not stressing myself out when I think back to my health and some of the challenges that I've had. When are I? Just think right before Kovac's happened. I was talking to my grandmother, my last living grandparent. He's eighty two and. She's giving me so much perspective while she always does, but especially now from. The perspective but I was talking to her about how I was feeling overwhelmed and things were preparing to ramp than everything got. Stopped. But I was telling her at the time I was feeling really stressed out and I said I wish things would just stop, and nothing would keep moving forward, and I wouldn't get any new requests, and that it would just like the pipeline just like stop amend Kovin happened, and it was like almost like home alone I wrote about on the blog. I called at my home alone moment when Kevin will up like mom. And but that's not what I meant. I did it mean this big everything. Stop with. That's essentially what happened. It was like no new requests. Everyone trading lately I. caught up on. Reading caught up on shows. We played games like we just did so many things as a family and it was like. Who have felt really good at I? Think now that things are starting to open up a now. We have the protests in were talking about black lives matter across the board. I think now that energy of overwhelmed I felt before. I can feel it coming up again. Some trying to also stay on top of my mental health I- maintaining my therapy appointments. Making sure that I have that time on the calendar. Make therapist that I. don't push that off. As much as I would want to do more physical activity more workouts. I'm more apt to do something like Jesse dance with the kids are, or if I get overwhelmed, just walk around the block. I am still pretty. Tight on social distancing just because of my health, you know with my immune system being compromised, but I think I have been really good about finding the lease to move my body to bre- when I felt overwhelmed and just kind of like. Fill myself in that way when I need to take a break But I I find between the mental health, and the no those are made to tactics from a self care perspective that are working for me right now. I had the exact same way you did. Because I thought back to all the times when I was in bed, and I was like Oh, I wish I could just like. Stay in bed and not go anywhere. Not Do anything and then when everything happened. I talked to one of our gas. Who talked about decolonized parenting which? I am going to save. You haven't heard that episodes really good. and. She. Talked about a little bit about what even talking about here about like capitalism how we feel, we need tablet things and work all the time and be productive all these things. And then when this happened, it was like you have to be home, and you have to like okay, but this I met. I feel like I manifested this and this is. Like I we have to be really careful about the way we say we want things. 'cause visits is not the way. I pictured staying home in bad all the time. Where you know. But ladies, we could talk forever and ever. So I want to be mindful of your time. I got my husband's say hello. Hiding in the room and he's just like Hello are coming back out. He's holding on the fort with the kids while I am recording, so thank you so much for sharing your experiences for sharing your fears for sharing your joys for sharing your thoughts and your time with me. We are living in a time that. Sometimes you don't even know how to describe it. I think, but thank you for sharing yourselves for being vulnerable. So tell us where everyone can find you sure. I'm at Harlem. Lovebirds across the board I mostly active on Instagram, and it's just a little piece of what I do, but in my stories you'll find all sorts of resources. And, I am at this Suma Das. M. Ama all across the board. Thank you so much. Everyone for listening make sure to subscribe. Leave a review. Tell your friends about the podcast. Follow US also on Instagram, which is apparently and politics and I know this is a difficult time, and sometimes they want to fall into despair and hopelessness but we need to take the emotions and the anger and frustration, and do some things, so let's not lose. Hope I always say love Hope is our superpower, but now I'm going. Say Look, don't lose hope and let's couple it with action so hoping actioner the two things that I want to leave you with today's..

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