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With wayfair and Amazon. Even. Pailin tier of cloudflare with all these companies I don't think they've kept up with the slight immunity whiplash happened. Just in the course of two years, they haven't kept up with this change. This tidal wave in the way that consumers are willing to speak up and and be heard had to something that happened I. Think just a couple of weeks ago. With was a pay. Pal Who is taking KKK? Payments Yeah, I was researching for a talk giving touring best and I went to look up a fresh example of hate group using payment processors. All I did was typing KKK in I don't know something else I. Don't know. And I ended up on KKK website. I saw that they were soliciting donations using paypal. And I started out at the company and. Guess a week or so later got picked up and when a little bit viral, and a another twitter account based in Canada, came out and encourage their followers to right into pay pal, and take down and pay. Paul responded. They took a town. It's amazing. Isn't it and I felt like these companies? It's very reactive instead of. Proactive intensive. How managing this at the moment by guests you'll you'll. Mission is to make it so that you don't ever have to highlight it. Is that right? And then I mean why like it's almost like they just view us as their free labor like we're just. Yeah, we're like their free volunteers. Flagging it for them. You know we do the work. They respond if they feel like it. I have flocked up like at least five other groups who with paypal? Individuals and have not heard back about it. They haven't really done anything about it. One of them is in fact, a white nationalist named Stephan Mulinuu and he is straight up like a dangerous white nationalist individual. You know he he. He shouldn't be using pay pal like he shouldn't be allowed to to to use pay pal, but he collects monthly subscriptions from his his yours. Were huge following on Youtube, and he's able to monetize that using paypal. And when you say, you shouldn't be allowed, that's not based on just your own personal politics. That's this on their terms of service isn't Oh. It has nothing to do with politics. It's one hundred percent to their own acceptable use policy. Gay have in their acceptable use policy a clause that says we don't work with groups. We don't work with anyone that promotes hate or intolerance or or bigotry. And they doubled down on it. After the twenty seventeen Charlottesville rally that was deadly. One woman was was murdered at this rally. The amount and they used it as a PR. Opportunity to you know to say that they were dedicated to committed to combating violence in and making sure that none of these issues pay pal, but I mean here they are. I it's right in front of them..

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