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You know, hadn't talked in three months and came to come out and, and, you know, he was he expressed certainly remorse in. He seemed to be apologetic about some of the mistakes he made while he was suspended one getting suspended, you know, not meeting with LSU front even though that was under advice of counsel. He probably realizes. He should've had another council there. So and then releasing the statement criticizing LSU about a week into the suspension LSU they weren't. They weren't too pleased during that span. Paul. There was some missing some angry people. And I think it kind of came out in that press conference yesterday that will got pulled in, in told, hey, you, you need to go up there and NB humbled in be Apollo. Jetty because you made some mistakes. And, and that's what he did on on the on the other side you know, he wasn't forthright obviously, he didn't answer. He didn't answer a lot of questions that need answering the strong blink offer question. So it there was some good things. There was some some bad things if some disappointing thing with him not answering answer and everything. But it was just as we talked earlier off there. It was it was just kind of good that, that he did it, you know, and most surprising. In politics. We, we've seen it all day today with Washington, politics, where, you know, somebody has a different view than someone else. That's just the nature of partisanship. In college athletics is the Pitta me of tribalism. So I guess I ask you this question fan just called incident. I'm I'm from Baton Rouge. I don't care. I mean far as I'm concerned he's good. That's fine. But the question I have, and it's a, it's an opinion. It's based on a, you know, whatever you, you want to base it on, because it's hard to base, everything on fact right now, but how long is, is will Wade going to be the LSU basketball coach? Well, you know, I think you, you obviously, he's got a new boss, Joe alita out, which I think you can draw your conclusions there. Connect the dots. I mean it's not just coincidence, that had happened during all this. We'll wait and mice, it was the straw that probably broke the camel's back and, and you got a new boss. And then you've heard Scott Woodward when he's asked about. We'll wait. He he. He he walks the tight rope a little bit on it. You know he's coached for now. We want him to continue our coach. He's our coach for now. You, you hear a lot of that this thing's probably not over, you know, and then you see what the settlement agreement that will agree to, to come off of suspension. It'd be reinstated. I mean he, he didn't take two hundred fifty thousand dollars his incentive bonuses. And it allows LSU to get out of the contract with him if even he's found even if the NCAA just looks into it too deeply enough. You know, any kind of violence, any level, one level, two violation in LSU can can fire him and he agreed that he would not seek basically sue the school if that happened. So all of these factors tell you that, man, it's, it's kind of a precarious position right now, normally, you would think this would cripple him and recruiting. But he went out. They wanted Alabama and took a player from Alabama and other places one of the better players in the country. I'll try to ask this as straightly as I can. I mean I had to get that guy. Yeah. I wish I knew. You know, that's the thing in will was asked that yesterday about how, how will all this process, this situation of years affect or impact your recruiting going forward. And you know, that's when he started talking about how maybe he's too brash. And maybe he should recruit quieter. I guess in a way he talked about. Yeah. He rubbed some people the wrong way because of how brash she is. You know will is a relentless recruiter. He's aggressive, he, he loves to win those battles..

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