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You're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez. Mike semper viva on the sports byline broadcasting network back in the show brian alvarez here wrestling observer live makes review also wrestling observer dot com score the phones. You're on the air. What's going on oops. I pushed the wrong button but now you're on the air what's going on. Hey <hes> i was wondering if you knew anything about the seriousness of pox entry we did it got less and i saw like a nasty picture is like the small part of bones to adam is like and i don't know if he's like if he was considered to be one of the people for <hes> cherkasova three partners on the first episode of w show. I don't know but i will try i to find out. I haven't seen the picture yet but rushed at the last second shayna baiser me a yelm nothing to do with anything vince call anybody up and the same with kansas lorraine use ri- there's one match. There's one story line. There's one feud that may or may not have been affected by vince colin guys up and that's the tag eighteen title for the other four matches. That has nothing to do with that zero so i. I don't know if anybody is well. It's the street profits profits. Are they going to stay on rawal. I mean i just i presume so i can't imagine the bream up to backstage stuff. I don't know when you look at a._o. P. and technically fandango and tyler reeser stole their and technically. I mean it's just it's amazing. It's amazing that they called up the next tag team. Champions do backstage skits with. I just they've done nothing i i thought they would do something had went a match on on on raw or something i mean something it will eventually really because they figured they wanna do next. Exceed the tag titles. I just everything about that is really just to see how it turns out but they're very entertaining guys and they're very very good and i don't. I don't think that they are being used anywhere near the best of their ability and i don't think it's been the best thing for those guys characters and it certainly think has been the best thing that certainly wasn't the best way to debut buell says hear me out if they don't angle with ray losing his mask i think he will lose and pass his mask onto his son dominic well. We've already seen dominic. I still feel like that's going to happen. I just don't feel like dominic is going to be amassed ludar. Maybe he can give his big dude food cain velasquez. He's a big guy who dominic only played football college football. I don't he played knowledge bowl but he was a big dude that in high school he was a that's one of the reasons right being off when when he was off is able to watch this kid cutty grow up there for a little bit but <hes> like dominic getting involved alden wrestling i think makes absolute sense ray passing out his master him does not you know the easiest thing you can do is just very simply build another mass character and i they've tried with sin cara that does not mean that should be the only person that you try with. You should keep trying and have somebody other than android a._b._c. or you know somebody body else out there to be another latin superstar for says. I'm pretty sure it kyri was supposed to be in the candidate. Spot would have been more effective story line. If it was kyri i'd have to look could the timing of when the kabuki warriors got called up. I mean they've been up for a while. They just haven't done anything before wrestlemainia right. When did they get called up some find out for me. I'll take this call. You're on the air. What's going on yes. I you know what's going on. Hey good well. <hes> i i was wondering is that super china in seattle. This care will announce that on the thursday hers day. Brian vinnie show without vinnie can be myself and producer rob. We'll talk about the plans for sure that go back and listen to that <hes> i yeah if i decide to show the moyal and we're talking about so i get paid to you have to negotiate the promoter i mean if you know a few promoter. You can get in contact with lynn around here. I can tell yeah we're not doing that then. Joseph don't take any problems but i would probably do it for free bombs but anyway. I don't want to take any the honey race holy. I watched when he had the king gimmick and i liked him. I knew the wrestling but <hes> yeah but remember the guys that were bad. Workers like like like <hes> like <hes> roddy piper. I loved his interviews but with his matches started started climbing aboard. I like paper. Whenever i saw harley i was fascinated. I loved watching his matches. I remember the saturday night's main event against hogan we got hurt and and then of course once i started reading the observer and once i learned about wrestling history of course i would go and watch early during his prime and i read books about him and i read about about the beat up people in bars and and how the champion had to be legitimately tough and how they would how they would get fired if they if they lost a bar fight and and i i can't believe in the bathroom that's breaking sane attack aaliyah stupidest fans. I know he was working out of the time but i saw that i saw that that that special where where where linda blair was was sharing a picture events it is bathing suit <hes> and he was a lot skinnier back then and i eighty four eighty in hollywood. Have you know run the lynn linda away. I'm sure sure events on chris asking for it in a bathing suit in like eighty four eighty five and since with a lot skinnier back then hollywood broken in half she probably he could have broken in half year right all right. Thanks very much for the call brent ever <hes> you ever see the secrets of peru. I need a few minutes to recover hold on. I'm exhausted exhausted. If anybody out there is always we are and remember seeing secret super wrestling that aired on n._b._c. There were a bunch of mass men. There was a stunned granny. There was a guy who asked would you buy this crap. Hell no <hes> but one of the mask the guys that were doing. Some of the stunts was actually harley race now. I don't know how that's got. Were what that's got to do with brent story whatsoever but i think that provides enough time for you to catch breath and i did like how he said did that rowdy roddy piper was a bad worker much later that i would say that. I wouldn't probably say that either insane. The best worker bravo's style. He certainly did not have the same style as harley race that can you should like he rustled like roddy piper and there's a thing to dave mention and and he's right in a way on the on the monday show where he mentioned that it was insulting to harley or is meant as a distal harley <hes> the king king of the ring thing. I think less people know that the no dusty rhodes in the polka dots was an insult and i think it's what you also do with it and there's a a lot of fans that no harley race like brent but don't maybe necessarily know all of the backstory in the politics and all that stuff so they know the king harley race they know him and hukou and they know him and the junkyard dog and whatever so. I don't think you have to erase that history. I can see how it is insulting but i don't think i think the amount of people that know that in the amount of people that would listen to this show in no that is a lot smaller than probably people think so several notes here that the kabuki warriors put together a couple of weeks after wrestlemainia. It was the superstar shakeup to think it was two weeks afterwards so we're talking april so may june july. I mean they've had four months annexed had four months to figure out something and i don't think kabuki warriors being called of me would have been better story would have been a much better with kyrie's sane but <hes> this person you're also knows that piper was naughty ati great wrestler but he was a great worker. That's a good way to put it yeah very good a._w._s. Battle royal returning for all out they've announced. It's a women's casino battle royal and they're not crowning a champion here but <hes> they are going to. I guess the the the winner of this will i guess be in contention is the story and they've lost four women but they have to be twenty one or an ac- women from all over the place some of whom are sign nine and some of whom are not signed including all people -til piper the daughter of rowdy roddy piper is going to be in this battle royal maturity feel about that but okay. I know that <hes> some people have been very critical of this because they hated the original casino battle royal and i'm the wrong guy to ask because i was there in the front row and i thought that it was fine in fact i enjoyed it at vinnie was sitting right next to me and he enjoyed it everybody watching on television. Apparently they hated it so your i'll be watching. I'll be watching this one on television so we'll see how this one goes and maybe they'll learn from the mistakes stakes <hes> like last time there are a lot of talented women out there so they could play this very straight in make it very serious and not have all the gimmickry and i don't know if there's a woman out there without legs as the other gentleman <hes> that was grappling with tony depp in there for a while does but you know there's a ton of women out there who are over the age of twenty one who they can get in there and you could really see i mean god knows what the the connections they have offered japan. I don't know how many women they want to bring in or anything like that but there are or a ton of them there and there's a ton on the indie scene to from shimmer and shine that have been out there so it'll be interesting they bring in. It'll be interesting to see too if again. If it's if any of it is that there's any gimmickry at all whatsoever or this is played straight. <hes> this person here says we for brandy to announce herself as the other top contender n._b._a. A._w._s. stephanie quote ironically well. Actually she did hint. She would be in the battle royal. She now writes say it but she winked you like cody and <hes>.

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