L. Brooks Patterson Building, Saginaw County, Federal Aviation Administration discussed on Warren Pierce


The conference center of the L. Brooks Patterson building at twenty one hundred Pontiac Lake Road an eleven year old boy is in critical condition after being struck by a car Saturday afternoon under towards west side according to authorities the crash happened at about three PM outside a gas station near the intersection of Plymouth road and south field and the Southfield freeway the driver stopped at the scene and police said they are cooperating it is unknown if the driver will face any charges and according to authorities for people were in a Cessna plane that crashed Saturday morning in Saginaw county the plane crashed near the intersection of spins and for the world the plane had left flank and was traveling to beaver island authorities said the plane experienced engine trouble and awaiting caught a guide wire causing the plane to flip over the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating no major injuries were reported the Detroit branch of the N. double ACP is gearing up for the first of three sessions it will be hosting for its youth council WG ours gene focal explains the first is to be held on Wednesday the last two next month sponsors say will focus on money and credit management savings budgeting and investing America vice president Michael Jeter said that many of the problems in Detroit have to do with finances he said that they need more people who are in homes and able to stay in those homes and that by helping young people with finances they can help prevent or at least reduce the amount of foreclosures that are occurring in the city Jeanne Fogo W. J. R. news a motorcycle is is dead after an accident.

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