Feeding America, Katie Fitzgerald, Vice President And Ceo discussed on Bitcoin for Boomers with Gary Leland


Corona virus pandemic has led to rising food and security across the country this year, according to Feeding America about 54 million people nationwide will not have adequate access. To nutritious food. During the pandemic. Vice president and CEO of Feeding America Katie Fitzgerald tells Fox News. A pandemic is hitting many different people and many walks of life. Yeah, You know, it's sad, Steve. I wish I could say that. We think the situation is getting better. But it's really getting worse. As you said the feeding America network and food banks are consistently reporting on average of 60% increase in the number of people seeking assistance and foreign 10 of those people that show up it lying, say she just talked about Have never had to see this kind of assistance before it Zoe really scary experience for people who want to be working and providing for their families and really struggling right now, Fitzgerald continues. The bad news is it is relentless. We have seen a consistent on average 60%. Increasing people seeking food assistance all across this country is affecting every county in the United States, including rural counties that are particularly hard hit like those around me here in Oklahoma. The good news is there are a lot of things that people can do right now to help with this situation for us, a radio news I'm Timberg. How do you have a Howdy? Welcome.

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