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No one was picking them to win a Super Bowl this year Yet they've won some pretty nice games. Where Where do you think this season ends up after next next year or next weekend? As far as where people would maybe raid it? Yeah, I said before the season, it's the brown don't make the playoffs. It's a knots of disappointment. Given the talent level they have in the expectations. And, you know, I don't care that there was a shortened training camp in a virtual offseason a minute his time young bin in 18 years of time to make the playoffs, especially when you have So many, uh young players that are talented is the Browns Young core, and I think even more so, you know you get you get 10 and four And you don't close the deal. To me. That would be Massive disappointment for for this team. So for this to be a successful season and my opinions, they have got to beat the Steelers next weekend to get into the playoffs. Otherwise, it's going to feel like another one of those years for the Cleveland Browns. Thank you great in a tougher curve than I do, my friend. But you certainly around this team every single day and obviously have the pulse of it extensively have a bigger Mayfield. So this felt like potentially potentially a defining moment for Baker only because no wide receivers available certainly some adverse circumstance. How would you rate how he performed today? Because he's been so good for the past month, one of statistically the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Yeah, it was a tough spot for him. You could tell that he just didn't have any chemistry or rhythm with the receivers they were playing. Today. You know, he actually made some mates. Um You know, good throws. You got them going in the second half. But all of that, and I think he would tell you the same thing. If you ask him. All of that was overshadowed by the three fumbles and fumbling twice on their final to drive. Including that fourth in one quarterback need. I mean, at the end of the day, if it's your quarterback fumbles away the ball three times. It's very difficult to win, no matter what else We're doing. The baker has been fabulous. The last couple of months really going back to that week seven before Mr gets the Bangles, there are many quarterbacks. The NFL played better than him. But if you're asking me, you know, you talked about this being kind of a defining moment for Baker. It was to some degree. But next week in his death, the Golden do you know if you will It's a brown back into the playoffs as a quarterback after the 30 different starting quarterbacks they've had contact 1999. I mean, you basically I want to say Submit your legacy, but you definitely Gonna be somebody that's talked about for a long time in Cleveland and on the others, you know the other other side of it. If you lose to the Steelers again in a game that matters, you know that's going to be part of the resonate as well. This is a huge opportunity for Baker to put a pretty big exclamation point on what has been You know, a breakout sterling year for him in season three. When you look at the game, you know, I know it's tough to go back and analyze this game because it was God. I mean so many things, but defensively, I really thought the Browns defense of front Have much more of an effect on the game and Allow for just not a good pass percentage by Sam Donald. But Sam Darnel was able to find wide open receivers many times in late deep route because he had protection. What you see from the Browns defense, especially the defensive front that you know, maybe was not living up to the expectations. I mean, this isn't a good defense right now and really hasn't been Smiles. Garrett went on the coded list. You know, he's just not quite the same player since coming back. He talked openly about the lingering effects of catching contracting Cove it, you know, he had a coffee fitness locker room after the game. Against the Giants last weekend. You know, you could just see him laboring up there and then you look at the numbers. I mean, his task. Rush win rate is just a lot lower than it was before He went on, Cove it and then you know if he's not, you know. Laying at the caliber of an NFL people to play the year which he was early on in the season. You know, you look at the rest of the defense and it's just there's not a lot there. I mean, this award is is Have a good your corner, but I mean, after that, you know they've been mixing and matching guys, you know, they've been rotating in and out of linebackers. Safety. They've been inconsistent corner outside Denzel. And you know Lizzie, a burning having a nice year for them at defensive end. But they're not particularly deep along the defensive line anymore and again without miles changing game consistently like he was before. I mean, this is a team that you could move the ball on. This is a team you can score points. Fundament think that's been buried out here in the last Month or two and so You know, it'll be interesting to see if they can get mild close to back Where he Woz. I think that's gonna be the biggest key because without them, you know, recent havoc up front. There's just pretty average on the defensive side, and even somebody like then Donald It could take advantage of that. Next weekend against the Steelers will be much must see TV. Certainly when it comes to week 17 matchups. He's Jake Trotter. He does a great job covering the Cleveland Browns for us here at ESPN. Jake, Thanks so much for being with us here on prime time. They got thicker. All right. Some of our four o'clock games coming to a close and the NFC West. That battle just took a major turn. We will keep you posted on what is going down. Coming up. Next. You're listening to prime time on ESPN radio. From Keyshawn J. Women's Obama. Ohio.

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