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U. S. Could see its first covered vaccine greenlighted for widespread use today. Guffman also reports an advisory committee of the FD A meets today of the emergency use authorization of the Fizer. By intact Corona virus vaccine to be used in individuals ages 16 and older. It's a step in the approval process that allows outside scientific experts to weigh in on advice and input for the agency to consider as part of its final review. Formal vote will be taken teen up a final decision by the FDA to either grant or deny emergency use authorization of the vaccine that was granted interim authorization this week in Canada. To local medical hospitals will distribute the covered 19 vaccine. The Department of Defense says Naval Medical Center San Diego in Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton will give vaccines the first going to nearly 44,000 members of the military, active and reserves, dependence, retirees, civilian employees and select contract personnel. The two locations were chosen because they have cold and bulk storage. At least 1000 priority personnel in enough medical professionals to administer vaccines and monitor monitor the recipients. There were 2104 new coronavirus cases reported Wednesday with 15 new deaths to prevent a great Cock says the more people do this month to slow the rising cases. The sooner life can begin to get back to normal when the vaccines start getting to everyone, But life is not going to get back to normal. Businesses. They're not going to fully reopen until we take all the steps to stop the spread. Hospital officials say they're concerned that ICU beds could be filled within days. San Diego County supervisors say they plan to continue their fight against strip clubs staying open during the pandemic. Joshua Lipton has the story live in the cocoa New Center supervisors approved the decision to appeal if a judge next week rules that Pacers and Cheetahs can remain open. A judge granted Pacers and she does a preliminary injunction last month that allows them to continue operating indoors and protects them from enforcement by state local officials. The county considers strip clubs non essential, while an attorney for Pacers says attempts to shut them down. Are a clear violation of the First Amendment Live in the new center Joshua Lipton, Coco News president Joe Biden. Son. Hunter is being investigated for tax fraud Rich Edson reports. Hunter Biden is under investigation. His father's presidential transition team, says quote President elect Biden is deeply proud of his son who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months on Lee to emerge stronger. The U. S attorney's office in Delaware says it refuses to comment on an ongoing investigation, source familiar with the matter tells Fox News Is the investigation into 100 began in 2018. Fox News calms Brooke Sigmund reports a source saying the investigation was predicated in part by a suspicious activity report from transactions in China and other foreign nations. Investigators are looking into whether Hunter Biden violated tax and money laundering laws during business dealings with numerous countries. If you are interested in helping people out who are homeless father Jos Villages has jobs available. Father Jos Villages says they're looking to hire more than 100 employees to support individuals experiencing homelessness and Santiago. The organization, which is sad, Diego's largest homeless service provider, says it wants people who they describe as compassionate, mission driven individuals to join their team. Other, Joe says they 100 positions they're looking to fill include residential security, health care and other services Club Albert Koga News. NASA has selected three San Diego University graduates to train for missions to the moon, the space agency naming Katie Rubens, Jessica Meier and Johnny Kim. To project artifice and effort to bring humans back to the lunar surface for the first time since 1972. Okay, that was weird. Identified French man's dying wish to make sure his cats are taken care of. CNN says the man on Lee, named as a French philanthropist, left money for 50 cats residing in the basement of the state. Museum in ST Petersburg, Russia. In Russia. Hmm. Okay, general director of the museum says the cat's made an impression on the man, so he included them in his will. There's no word on how much he left the cats. But the director called it a small sum, which is expected to be used for basement restorations. How does that No idea. Okay, 802 580007. That is the number you can call right now because we are again Day two of the I. Heart radio Children's Hospital Give a thon very excited to bring you stories of not just survival, but kids who have been able to Go through some incredibly tough things and come out the other side thriving, happy, well adjusted because of the care they got at Rady Children's Hospital. Some of the most frightening times that you can imagine as a child. When you know sometimes don't even understand what's going on these doctors and nurses helping not just these Children but their families. Navigate very complicated, very scary things and doing it in such an amazingly compassionate when no one's turned away. You know, if you don't have insurance, you're not turned away. And that is why it's so important to give.

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