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Down and 10 hearing it out Car. It is called Henry rubs his gone touchdown waiters. Sprinter's speed. Just throw it up there. If you're Derek Carr and look loves going, get it 61 yards biggest play the game. It's what kind of gave them the separation they needed and made it a two score game. But I'll tell you what a phenomenal win by the Raiders. Unbelievable win they they're now to go in the season. They go into Pittsburgh and a hostile environment. And they win. Going away convincingly. Derek Carr deserves all the credit in the world. The defense deserves all the credit in the world as I said this, but they made Roethlisberger's life miserable the entire game. Roethlisberger was hit. That's how you beat Tom Brady type player. I mean, I mean, listen, Ben Roethlisberger is not as mobile as he once was, and he was uncomfortable the entire game. I thought the coaching staff listen Week one against Baltimore. I said coaches made some mistakes. Players won that football game. I give the coaches credit in this game. The game plan was phenomenal. Uh, great win on the road, and now they come home against Miami Dolphins team That was just awful against Buffalo. So you can be looking at want to get too far ahead of myself was carted off the field in the middle of the second quarter, which doesn't help them at all. You could be looking at a three start for the Raiders, and I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. But let's give credit where credit is due, man. Uh, great organization is Las Vegas Raiders. I love this organization. Derek Carr is an easy person to root for. He's a great guy. A lot of good dudes on this team to like. You don't look at some dudes and say, Boy, the Raiders are a tough team to root for the and I'm not saying that because I'm a homer. This is an easy Jon Gruden is an easy guy to root for. He's a good dude. Uh, you know, I remember I met these coaches. In Henderson a few months ago. Few months back, Uh, just by accident, I met Gruden. I met Olson. These guys are good guys. Raiders organization is an easy organization to root for Mark Davis is an easy owner to root for no controversies. You know, just just a good guy. He buys the aces. He's a smart businessman. He loves Las Vegas. He's embraced Las Vegas and I am all in with this team, and I gotta tell you something. 23 weeks ago, I was questioning Jon Gruden and you know what? It's only two games into the season. I understand that But kudos to the Raiders. We will be getting to the UNLV football team They got destroyed by Iowa State. Uh, that would actually it is kind of funny. I mean, listen. There were more JD. There were twice as many Iowa state football fans in allegiance Then you and all that was four times as many, maybe four times, but at least two times. Yeah, absolutely. It was it was so. So Arroyo was asked after the game. Did it feel like a road game? He didn't really want to answer the question. Sure, it was a road game. But they did score field goal. You know, UNLV right now, and I could pretty much proved this on paper. I have a strong argument that they are the worst team in college football, especially with free starting at quarterback. One of the worst teams know Southern Utah is better Can we agree on that you and ov on third down this year is 10 of 41. JD. Forget about that's bad but forgettable. That's that's not bad right? That that is. Authority. They had one first down in the first half. 40 there 30% worse on third down, then Yukon. Let me repeat that you can really bad Randy Edsall. They had one first down in the first half. And here's Listen. We're going to get to this later, right? But I just want to say this. You finally sustain a drive in the second half. And what does he do? Arroyo puts another quarterback in there. It's just it anyway. We'll get to that later on, we'll plenty of tape. Martel got his one carry, and that's all that matters. We have plenty of time to complain. Honestly, I think that Derek Carr Isn't where he's probably a top 500 P candidate. You mentioned that that 65 yards past the rugs. Car was. I think he was 28 of 37 for like 380 yards and two touchdowns. I mean, he was He was tossing the ball all over the field run program involved. Obviously, Waller got involved. Drake got involved at works out involved to be glass half full type guy. I'm all in with the Raiders. They're the real deal. I'm not taking anything away from. However, I'm not willing to go that far because it's only been two games and I'm saying at this point car is a top five NDP candidates right now what I really liked what I saw from Jonathan Abram, who reminds me, Remember, Remember the Bob Sanders Peyton Manning. Dallas Clark Colts team. Bob Sanders was that that missile safety Member that play where Chase Claypool tried to jump. He tried to jump over Jonathan Abram, and he grabbed by his feet and took him right down. I like to I saw from Jonathan neighborhood. I really liked myself from Solomon Thomas, the former top five pick number three pick out of Stanford, who was drafted by the Niners, who had two sacks yesterday. The Raiders are looking extremely better than that. I believe that 98% of the country thought they would dive into this a little bit later on the show with Scott Gulbrandsen, uh, from Silver and black today, the founder of that podcast so Um I hate to make this transition, but we have to do so. And it's a sad one. I'm sure you've heard about this Petito situation. If you don't know what I'm talking about. This is the couple they were traveling in Utah and they traveled throughout the country Couple in their early twenties. Let me just give people a little bit of background on this. Young couple early twenties. They're traveling throughout the country. They're pulled over in Utah for a domestic violence issue, even though nobody was arrested. Well to me. This is Scott Peterson all over again because all of a sudden the boyfriend comes home. Without his girlfriend. Gabby. He refuses to cooperate with the media. Or I shouldn't say the media. Excuse me. He refuses to cooperate with law enforcement. That is your number one sign that he's responsible for why she's missing. Very weird and bizarre story and we were hoping that she would be found, but it appears as though They have found her body. Yesterday There was a press conference. Even though it hasn't been 100% confirmed. They're saying that it matches her description. It's her, uh, immediately. I said this boyfriend is responsible. Either complete murder. Or there was some sort of accident. He tried to cover it up. Well, now Authorities are saying that he's missing so that means one or two different things happened. Either. He has taken his own life or he's decided to go in hiding. What despicable situation here you have a family of the Gabby Petito family. That is begging for answers. And now they get this heart wrenching information yesterday. The boyfriend's family refuses to talk to anybody refuses to give up any information. He has refused to give up any information, and now he's missing. And to me. This is like Scott Peterson all over again, even though you know she's not pregnant, at least as far as we know. That's what we're looking at here now. Gabby's family first reported her missing on September 11th. So we're talking. You know what's the date today? We're talking a week ago. They didn't hear from her since late August. And they believe that the text messages That she was given to the family. Where the boyfriend sending those text messages. In fact, up until this past Friday. The family were refused to speak as I mentioned with investigators, which is unbelievable, despicable. While I don't blame the boyfriend's family for what took place I do blame them for not being transparent. There's a time and a place where you have to say to yourself. You know what While this is my son, we know that the sun was probably responsible for something. Let's give some answers to the family. They didn't do that..

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