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Go to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Well, a couple of problems to watch out for in the district first, after the 11th street bridge on westbound 6 95, the broken down truck was reported in the center of the roadway, but also kind of parallel to this, north about 11th street southeast at L street, you were under police direction for the crash using the two left turn lanes that take it to the freeway to get around the wreck. This could be the reason for all the delays that we're seeing first on southbound D.C. two 95 basically from burrows all the way onto the 11th street bridge. I two 95 delays from the suitland Parkway onto the bridge and northbound D.C. two 95 just heavy from Pennsylvania avenue headed to east capital street and benning road. Now elsewhere on the beltway, we are seeing delays on the outer loop from after the merge with the two 70 spur headed across the American legion bridge, the work near Georgetown pike should be in the left lane. The inner loop local lanes on the Wilson bridge, the left lane had been blocked with a mobile work crew causing some delays on the bridge. You'll also see delays on the northbound George Washington Parkway after one 23 toward turkey run. It should be a single lane getting by that work. Westbound span of the bay bridge, left Lana three blocked with the work eastbound both lanes are open. Southbound kennel worth avenue after green belt rode there had been some police activity on the left side, while the outbound suitland Parkway near silver hill road was a report of a wreck in mount airy, pen shop road near rolling acres drive. This is between ridge road and lomar drive. You're under police direction for what's being called a serious wreck, route one year whisky bottom road was the scene of a crash. In Virginia on 66 outside the beltway looking good, but inside the beltway you're seeing the delays from false church into Arlington after Washington boulevard the right lane is blocked with the work. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO P traffic. All right, storm team four is chuck bell Deb says she has the milk and the bread and everything just in case it gets really messy tonight. I like to be prepared. Well, you got it. You know, preparation is key. There's no

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