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You, Mike. Thank you, Brian hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS, sports radio, Brian that was brilliant. So Mike Tomlin, by the way came out with another fantastic. I mean fantastic explanation of what's going on with the kicking situation. If you did not no, well, you knew about Chris Boswell? But if you did not know the Steelers are working out kickers looking for other options Boswell has missed four of his eight field goal attempts in Pittsburgh's five losses. So that's definitely a glaring weakness in the losses, and what you can't change everything. This is one area where you might be able to swap one player for another. And it sounds like the Steelers are even willing to take the financial hit just because if they can shore up this spot, you're trying obviously to do whatever you can to separate yourself to hang on to that lead in the AFC north. In any entire season. Now through the thirteen games. He's got eleven misses. I think it's five extra points and six field goals, but it could be the opposite. It's almost half. Its it's eleven MRs for Chris Boswell this year, and certainly the moments in which he has missed those are the ones that you just don't forget. Now, I know he slept in Oakland, and you can talk about the poor footing. It's just the timing couldn't have possibly been worse and Mike Tomlin. He just went ahead and cut it off at the pass when he was speaking to the media about the kicking situation. Another thing I think that I didn't talk quite quite a bit about after the game was Chris Boswell. The next question has been brought up repeatedly inappropriately. So here's our opposition. As we push into this next opportunity. We acknowledged it that Chris has struggled. We are. Now is that Chris has struggled to find consistent footing. We're willing to explore options that gives us the very best chances of that Baltimore this weekend. Those options include Chris this time of year. We're we're cognizant of what's available in the prudent approach is to include. Kristen those outages. They wordsmith myself someone who enjoys trotting out. Those SAT words, I am always so enthralled by Mike Tomlin press conferences, cognizant. So good. Chris. What did you say, you think that he he finds five words that will dazzle people, and it was the men? Oh, yeah. Every week. He definitely sits down with the dictionary. Picks up five. Where does he say they're worth more than that? But I kind of feel like it's an, and I will say this just because I know I've done this before it could also be a stall tactic. Sometimes you add extra words, you get a little more verbose because you're trying to settle on. Exactly what it is that you want to say just it's so good. The only thing that's better. And he does drop this infrequently is when he talks about globally. Br globally and cognizant and prudent and. Gives us the best opportunity to get that ball through the uprights. I love Mike Tomlin brought up repeatedly inappropriately. So do you think that he would be a good fit on a TV broadcasts national TV broadcast or do? You think we'd get a completely different Mike Tomlin like for instance? It's not quite the same Bruce Arians as you get on the sidelines. The one that you get on CBS though, I do love coach Arians as a broadcaster because he can unlock the mysteries of the quarterbacks mind, but it's not the same guy. He obviously has to tone it down. Remember when we had him on the show. He swore and we had to to edit it out. I wonder what Mike Tomlin will be like in the broadcasters. See I think it'd be better at radio because he's so long winded and TV you gotta be short. What are you saying that.

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