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In a press conference after meeting with sessions his group confronted the attorney general about the president's off the cuff statement he says it goes against what they stand for fair and equal treatment so we have to take this opportunity to underscore the value of civil rights and the requirement of all law enforcement to behave professionally and protect every one civil rights whether they're in custody or not at department of justice spokesperson wouldn't comment about the closeddoor meeting the white house has said the president's remark was a joke but tarente says they terni general was receptive to his group's concerns and members of the national organization of black law enforcement executive say there are open to working with the trump administration so long as it treats all people in the correct way frank pr news i'm stephanie stokes in atlanta we continue covering law enforcement right here on morning edition from npr news if six forty one in time for another look at bay area traffic conditions who's joe mcconnell is getting word of a crash in san francisco the to the extension northbound at cesar chavez for cars involved although apparently all on the shoulder her these maeve lives problem hayward northey daily before his spirit of the crash there this report said it's blocking the two left lanes reporter they're just above 2 eleven minutes ago or so philip two lanes blocked in one of one of the petaluma southbound at lake fill two left blocked traffic still backed up through town joe mcconnell for kqed thanks joe his report brought to you by unbound coming up later tonight grammy winning wildlife camerman column stafford.

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