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Three million dollars for Catherine's pain, suffering and loss. Also for the Hendricks family to win though. They would have had to prove that the state was liable and had been able to foresee what Tim Harris was going to do the six would have to believe that the Florida highway patrol's failure to act was the cause of Lorraine Hendrix murder. So the jurors found that the Florida highway patrol was not liable for having trooper Harrison the road patrol. So they didn't get anything in the lawsuit. You agree with that her finger would have been tough su- to win. Yeah. I think you're right. But I think that the earlier places that he worked for maybe shouldn't have given him a recommendation we'll there or if they had. Been able to find records from the Melbourne village. Police that showed he had been terminated. Well, they gave him a chance to resign. Right. Right. Yeah. But there should be notes about that on who knows. How public of the stuff was about his behavior with his wife, and she's a private person? She didn't tell her parents all stuff is doing to her. She probably didn't even tell her sister in the big event with the wife didn't happen until after Lorraine had already been murdered any had already been taken off the road by then. Right. So again would have been a tough one at whatever it's just incredibly sad that this happened certainly is. So there really isn't a ton of information out there on this case. There are good series of articles in the Orlando sun paper, which you can find online and also an rule wrote a story on this case in one of her books. It's one of those books that has more than one crime in them and the books called you belong to me. So I'll put a link to that book in our show notes. In case anyone is interested in. Reading that. Just a quick reminder. We have let's of true crime brewery merchandise available. If you click on shop the brewery on our website, Tigra dot com. You can click on our T public link to get your summer t shirts tank tops with your choice of true crime, brewery, designs, colors and sizes. They also have phone cases. Hoodies mugs pillows just about everything you name it. It's worth a look, I think my favorite is the lightweight hoodie 'cause you know, how a lot of hoodies real, bulky. But the lightweight hoodie is just perfect. I really enjoy that shirt. I would've fought for this quilt spring weather perfect for summer night anytime when there's just a little nip in the air. It's not too warm. Right. Our music for true crime brewery was written and produced by tristen Capelle. Just a quick reminder about team tigr aber. It's a way for you to give support to the podcast and get an extra episode each month as soon as she join you receive an Email with logging information and a link that allows you to add. Our members only show to your podcast app. Then of course, you will have access to all of our past members only episodes in addition to each new one when they come out in March, we covered the case of Robert reld, Dan, a real charmer who was actually a real monster, a rapist and emerhed or who was actually enabled we believe by his good looks. And by his wealthy family this month, recovering in Alaska case, the case of Lori Waterman, Lori was brutally murdered by two men who were friends. Maybe both were lovers are one was a lover of her teen daughter. Now, the daughter was shell had apparently told these guys that are mother was abusing her and why they decided that murder was the solution. I can only guess it's because they were idiots cruel idiots. I guess still the punishment or rather lack of punishment that Rachelle Waterman received defies reason to me in. It's quite outrageous. So you might enjoy our discussion on that case. One more thing if you've a few minutes to spare we would. Greatly. Appreciate it. If you could leave us a review on I tunes or wherever you listen more, positive reviews helps us find more people to listen to our podcast, which is a good thing. So let's move onto feedback. Now, I don't wanna bag or son desperate, but we would love to get more voicemails to leave a voicemail with your comments or case suggestions, just click on leave a voicemail on our website, Tigra dot com. And of course, we also love to get your comments and your suggestions in emails or social media messages to another way to communicate with us and other listeners is to join our true crime brewery fan discussions group on Facebook, lots of interesting things going on there all the time. So we're gonna move onto feedback. And since I've just mentioned are fan discussion page, there is something recently. That's come up on there. And it's regarding a missing child that we did a case on I'd say over a year ago Timothy Pinson over your yet. Maybe you're closer to. To been awhile. And we just kind of -ssume that Timothy was dead. But now there's a chance that he might be alive. He might have been found actually were waiting today for DNA results to show whether this boy is Timothy Pinson identifying himself as Timothy Pinson, right? Yeah. Fourteen year old boy says he's Timothy Pinson, and he's just escaped from two kidnappers that have been holding him for seven years. He's originally from Illinois was last known to be with his mother who had killed herself. Apparently in a note was left saying that Timothy was with someone, but he was safe, but he would never be found. So yesterday this fourteen year old described the two kidnappers that he had been with as to male, white bodybuilder types. One had black curly hair. A mountain dew shirt, and jeans and a spider web tattoo on his neck. The other was short in stature and had a snake tattoo on his arms, the vehicle they were operating is described as a newer model, Ford SUV bearing Wisconsin. Lates with a second row white in color and yellow transfer paint in a dent on the left BIC bumper. So apparently, he said that he escaped and kept running across the bridge into Kentucky. They had been staying at a red roof in but Timothy had no idea where so the county dispatch had contacted all surrounding agencies with a red roof in their jurisdiction, and they're checking out the motels, but they haven't found anything so residents in Newport Kentucky neighborhood, just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati held police after this boy was found wandering the streets. He'd actually approached a woman in a vehicle and ask for help. She said he looked ready and confused with bruises on his face. Now. He went missing in two thousand eleven he was just six years old. So now he would be fourteen Chris by the time people here this podcast. They'll know we don't know hopefully by this evening, they should know if it's him or not. It'd be nice that he wasn't killed will. Yes, when I'm saying, it's probably going to be nice fused their kid who's been held in captivity for. Seven years. Well, yeah, he might have gone through a lot of bad stuff might have. But I think it's amazing that he could be alive. I remember doing that case in feeling pretty certain that is mother had killed him. Yes. Rebid? So I hope that's wrong. We'll see no Kay. So do we have any voicemails today? We have a voicemail this is from Rona. She has some comments that she makes and case suggestion. Hi, my name's Ruina. I'm Scottish I supposed to say the Ivy like poor cast really love it and Elza that you say it's Joe. So that yet right into the story van to the secrecy of Everson and to the techs opinions always create on point off to say. And I have really do everything that you that you do with it. I go walking. Unfortunately, I have camp Butlin cancer the minute soul. I've been told by my daughter that ability tool woken as much as posted. We'll show you're usually in my your son. That's their says get into sin and can listen in this story. You know who else? Wanted to. I wanted to say that just that. I love it. I like reviews to mcbeal drinking my sale delayed some craft beers too. So I'm hoping that air, but I'm beta by can try some of the some of the beers that you wish it'd be difficult will some of them because obviously always lever. I am always Scotland than you don't have a Marxist seem can be usually some craft wants some Scottish wants to which are really ugly. Cricket. I've been to the masculine Boston, which it does craft ones in his really a really good place to go with your over in Boston. The is him. I really want to say, oh who had a suggestion. I love to see your take. But look to hear see her able join is a classical base than one which school system. So I would really like to hear his take on that. It's no snow been souls case either. So there's a few different suspects. I'd love to hear what you think kisses who could be so vow saints nay, but just to keep up the good. Thanks, guys. Well, thank you Rona. Yes. Thank you. Those are nice comments our end. I'm a cancer survivor. So I wish you better days ahead redo. So looked up bible. John is actually quite a bit written about a news several books actually does that somebody's name. That's what they've called him his an unidentified serial killer. I see our aims believed to have murdered three young women between nineteen sixty eight and nineteen sixty nine and Glasgow. I'll historic case I like that know each of the victims of bible, John where young brunette women between the ages of twenty five and thirty two and they all had met their murderer at the barrel land ballroom, which was a dancehall music venue in the city, the perpetrator has never been identified and the case remains unsolved despite one of the most extensive manhunts and Scottish criminal history. Where does committed by bible John with proved to be the first time in Scotland in which the crown office authorized? The publication of a composite drawing of individual suspected of murder for public viewing. And he was known as bible, John because he was repeatedly quoting from the bible and have condemned any form of adultery while in the company of his final victim, the known movements in modus operandi of convicted serial killer and rapist, Peter Tobin have led to suggestions that he might have been responsible. So we're gonna study some more. We have done one Scottish case a longtime ago, we might have. That's it. If we have done your members better than mine wasn't the father who was killing his children's wasn't. He in Scotland that much has inflator or. Yeah. I think he was that's true. Can't remember the name of it? But yeah, lovely accent to thank you for the voice mail. So that's it for voicemails. All right. So we do need more voicemails anybody has anything. I've got some interesting emails. Okay. Let's do those first Swiss from Nina, she has. Case suggestion. Okay, Nina road. Hi, guys. I'm writing you with a bit of an unusual requests. I realized that you must be swamped with case requests. So I appreciate any help. You can give this case takes place in nineteen sixty in Massachusetts. It involves a young wife and mother of two who vanished one day and hasn't been found since her name is Joan rish. There is a lot about her on the web. But I was hoping maybe you had more resources to dig further. Jones husband Martin never remarried lived in the same house and kept the same phone number in case Joan ever tried to reach him or came home. He's gone now never knowing what happened to his wife, but his children who were only four and two years of age respectively. Then are now in the early sixties and deserve answers. This case is touched me. I can't imagine having my loved one missing for so long and getting no resolution there is still time for her children, but that window is closing fast as well. Her son David seat. Seems to have had a particularly hard life and entered a nursing home really young in his fifties. I'm not sure if it has to do with his mum missing as he was only two when it happened. So he couldn't remember much about that day. The case is still open. So I appreciate any help you can offer. Sincerely, nina. So this you talked about vintage cases, this is a little older from nineteen sixty one. Yes, police went to a house in Lincoln, Massachusetts after a neighbor reported seeing blood leading from the house to the driveway. She made the discovery after young girl. Living in the house had returned from a play date to find her mother Joan rish missing several unconfirmed sightings of an apparently disoriented rish walking on nearby roads later that day were reported blood matching rish type was found smeared in the kitchen there is other evidence suggesting that she might have been abducted. Although at the time her two year old son was safely asleep in his room. Then later it was discovered that Rishard borrowed several library books about murders and disappearances including one with similarities to her own case. So this obviously led to

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