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On and the next debate among the candidates. Is this week. Meanwhile he'd booed edge rises in Iowa Elizabeth with Warren Backtracks on Medicare for all sorts of and Barack Obama warned Democrats against promoting too radical. An agenda in in a presidential election. Welcome Paul Zhigo with the Wall Street Journal. And I'm here with my running mates bill. mcgurn how are you bill. Hey Paul and Kim Strassel. Hello Kim. We're GONNA take a break from impeachment for today No doubt we will be dragged back in just like Michael Corleone Godfather three but in In this conversation let's talk about the Democratic presidential race and the latest debate. Going going on lots been going on behind the scenes even if it's not getting much attention a in public and Let's talk about a couple of those things one is is the The backtracking by Elizabeth Warren on Medicare for all remember a couple of weeks ago. Kim She made a She made a detailed proposal of how she would finance Medicare for all included many tax increases and including La more detail Bernie Sanders has ever provided for his Medicare for all plan but it was roundly criticized. Not just on the right but also on the left for it's political vulnerability and its implausibility and now Last Friday she has come back and said well. I won't introduce Medicare for all right away. I'll do it in my third year as President United States and then the first year we will pass something on on Medicare including a public option But she will wait. I Medicare for all in my own view of her statement. Kim Is this is a mission. It's never going to happen on her term because no president president says. I'm going to wait for the third year to and and really does accomplish it. Rarely do you get anything done in in in that year specially something that at-large as Medicare for all it's also in a mission that she made a big mistake here and you have to look at how we got to this point. I don't remember this is the candidate who's been running on an agenda of bragging. She has a plan for everything and while ago some people noticed that one one glaring omission too. That was that she had no plan for what to do with healthcare and under enormous amounts of pressure. She suddenly comes out with this sweeping sweeping agenda of a Medicare for all. It's far more detailed as you said that. Even Bernie Sanders and also amazingly eye-popping -ly expensive expensive and she brought out a whole bunch of experts who attested to the soundness of the plan but a lot of other experts immediately jumped on even from the left and pointed out that it was really based on truly rosy expectations at the cost was just prohibitive. And you'd seen seen that reflected a little bit in the polls. She seems to have stalled out there as a lot of folks in a Democratic Party wondered if this just made her way to vulnerable that even if she won on the the primary If this would just load her with too much baggage Jamaica too big of a target for Donald Trump so she was losing little elevation now suddenly she comes back out with this shift again We will see if it does or any good because I it's it's a little bit late in it. It's not Very Elizabeth Warren E in that she's now looks to be changing our minds and our plans based on political calculations. Yeah I agree with that Paul. You know Generally the consensus is when you enter a job as as executive of your state of of the United States. You try to do everything as quickly as you can use your capital title Mitch. Daniels once explained that as governor of Indiana he said that the wisdom's contained in a country song called. If I shot you when I should have I'd be out of jail by now. Elizabeth Warren is going in the exact opposite direction. And Look. She's under it actually to me quite surprising attack attack. Not only you expect the other candidates to attack right and and you expect Joe Biden to say this is too expensive. I have the more moderate path but I think it is alarming in for Democrats. Some some of the some of the billionaire some of the people that they might expect otherwise to fund their campaigns have not only opposed her but opposed her so publicly. So I think I don't know whether it'll sinker. But clearly in the next debate It's going to be an issue and whether she can answer persuasively in confidently confidently Is a big question. One of her selling points is Ben. I'm not a fainthearted like these other people and unless you make the argument and fight for for it you're not GonNa get it. This walk back relatively modest as it is strikes me as off message on that point also suggests. He doesn't have the plan right that it's not she didn't expect this because again. And to your point if you compare this to Bernie he's always said all along. Okay we're going to have this and your taxes are going to go up for everyone but you're going to be better off. He doesn't shy away from the hard tradeoffs. Which is why? He's largely escaped the criticism and that she's been getting she looks like she wants to have it both ways. That's my point and that's why I wonder if in fact in the debate Bernie could simply say well. Well I'm not backing away from this. This is the core of my agenda. And maybe erode some of that allure. You're that that Warren has had. Because she says I have a plan for everything and I'm going to fight for it and on the other hand. I don't think they're the modifications. She's making here in. The timing of this is going to at all appease Pete booted edge and a Shar and others who are gonNA say. Well you're still proposing medicare for all you're still proposing the takeaway private health insurance from one hundred and seventy million Americans so this strikes me as a continuation of the problems that she has gotten herself into by. I think probably rather thoughtlessly adopting adopting the Bernie Agenda on medicare for all without really knowing what the implications would be politically. Yeah her problem. Came all the way back at that first debate debate when she just threw her hand up in the air. And said I'm with Bernie on Medicare for all and if you'd looked at what she had done up until then she'd been very careful and I think it was the reason that Elizabeth Warren didn't put out a plan on this for so long and it was because she kept saying. WELL WE WANNA get to Medicare for all but there are many different impasse forgetting there and she always left it open that maybe it would be a transition. Maybe something calm and the reason she did this is because she didn't WanNa get smacked around like Bernie on the tax question right so she didn't want to have to say I'm going to implement this plan. It means taxes on on middle class. Americans are GONNA go up. It's the only way to pay for it now. Has Built mentioned Bernie's been honest about that but since she's running more of the populace campaigns. She just refused. She kept getting asked and the debate. Isn't it the case that middle class taxes are GONNA go up. She refused to say that. Refuse to say this and then she was so proud when she finally put out her plan and saying look. I don't raise taxes on middle class Americans. The problem was that the the math that she had to do in the taxes that she had no impose on everything else was so wild that it really opened her up to a lot of legitimate criticism and attacks and she's still trying to have it all ways. 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