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And let's go through at Ben Gamla leads off the young center fielder. He said to sixty three Christian yelich is. Enright failed, and he bet second. He is the first major leaguer to twenty home runs. This year is also got nine steals which puts them on the league leader for that. He's sitting three Twenty-three makes it. Good argument for MVP this year. Maybe he Bellinger, probably your choices right now in a nationally off the top of my head man, the Marlins got nothing for him. But a bad move for them. Anyway, he bats second and plays right field. Ryan Braun is going to third and play left field. Of course he got thrown out of the game yesterday for arguing balls and strikes. He was right. Was foolish. His part to argue that it was bad. Call the notorious Philly killer got thirty RBI's this year. Nine home runs. Mike is, is the third baseman and he's going to clean up. He's got thirteen home runs for them. When over to Milwaukee last year, they kept him as a free agent. Good veteran smart player is Monte. Grondahl is the catcher playing on Sunday. It's not it's Sunday, catcher say off there, a hidden to sixty eight nine home runs twenty six home runs in this line. Up twenty nine by Braun thirteen Asakusa nine by Grondahl. Her non Peres bets six and play second base today. Eric themes is the first baseman may. He's gotta muscles batting seventh hitting only two thirty four Orlando are of the slick fielding shortstop bats eighth hitting two fifty six and Brandon Woodruff. We told you is the pitcher today. Six and one with an era of three fifty one your Phillies lineup for today. Let me just take a quick, look any surprises. No real surprises. King got the day off. So here you go. Most of it is what you're used to. And most of it is what's been very effective for the Phillies. Andrew mccutchen is gonna lead off and play left field sitting to sixty three with eight home runs. I love all the new acquisitions. They got he's probably my favorite guy to watch. I love watching him hit I love watching Playfield. I think he's a great teammate. He was such a good pickup for the Phillies. So he will lead off today. Gene cigar with the sixteen game hitting streak is going to bat second today. He is hitting three twenty. We've got a great stat earlier in the show from Ryan spader. They are twenty seven and fifteen when he plays. Twenty seven and fifteen when he plays pretty good. Bryce Harper is going to third and play right field. He is hitting two thirty which is not good. He has seventy strikeouts. Which is ridiculous. That's clearly gotta get better. But he is still productive hitter with fourteen doubles. Nine RV is thirty seven walks eight four zero P S, and much much better defense than we thought, folks, this is a long term marriage. He's gonna come around he's going to be fine. There will be times this year when he will carry this team live with live with aspects of this slow start. That's my advice to you. Clean cleanup. His Reese, Hoskins, who is now back in a bit of a run home runs in his last couple of games after slumping for awhile us conceding to seventy with thirteen home runs and leads this Phillies team with forty one Rb is which if you paste that out for the season is pushing one hundred thirty RBI's. Cesar Hernandez Betts v at second base three oh, seven with five home runs. We talked earlier, he's hitting three sixty seven I believe for may three sixty something for me. And he's been on a really good role after making some mental mistakes base running mistakes, fielding errors earlier in the year. He's certainly doing everything he needs to do and more at the plate. So Hernandez will Beth fifth then he's just done a great role guy. You have to start thinking about for the all star game Oduber Harare. Bet sixth. Really trying to get him out of the slump. Of course. In centerfield today, hitting two twenty eight only one home run. He's he is not the player. Everybody thought he was going to be he's shown some signs trying to be optimistic here in the last week coming out of it. We'll see how that plays out. Andrew Knapp is your Sunday catcher, of course, hitting that lusty one fifty four and batting seventh. The Cal Franko back in the lineup is betting eighth and playing third base after his great, great start to the season. He hasn't been able to sustain that is average is down to two twenty three is oh, PS is down to six eighty six. He's got seven home runs. But most of those, I think came in the first two weeks of the season would really be nice to see him get back him get back on track because that lineup when you add in embedding eighth, and he was as dangerous as he was that was that was really something to see and that, that could really help the team. He doesn't wanna lose his starting job to Kingery. I like Kim grease the floater playing. Different position every day. So we will see how that plays out with Franco. Anzac eflin is your pitcher today for the Phillies, the twenty five year old right hander let me get his season stats to seventy six ers which is really nice as we said earlier, he's giving up one run or fewer let me get this stat here. One runner fewer in four of his last five starts, which is pretty good. So it's going to be the Phillies against the Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee for a day off the end of the road trip as affiliates. Try to solidify their hold on first place, as we approach the end of may everybody have a great Memorial Day. Remember what this holiday is about stay tuned. Jim Jackson coming up on deck. And then we have Phillies brewers, Milwaukee right here on ninety four WIP planning a getaway. Well, with the Capital, One venture card you were an unlimited double miles, on any purchase you make today and every day, and those miles add up to get you closer to that trip to paradise. 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