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On my on my arm. Because we've been told for the last. You know, several four years that this guy's the biggest disaster and the biggest problem and the biggest, you know, miss Take and all We've been told all the reasons why the Orange Man bad is just horrible and terrible and can't be trusted and all the rest. Did you hear that? The fighting men and women of this country, the army cadets and the shipment of the Naval Academy those men and women today. Sent a very boisterous vote of support for the commander in chief that I personally think won the election on November 3rd. I believe that he won a huge election on November 3rd. We may not be able to finish the the investigations in time to prove that before the next administration is supposed to start, But I will never relent in my mind. That Donald J. Trump won a an enormous reelection victory on November the third. We will get to the bottom of why the votes looked like they did when they did, and we're gonna talk about a lot of that tonight. Actually, you're going to hear from Sidney Powell coming up. You're going to hear from a man by the name of Patrick Cole Beck, who is a former state representative State Assembly. Member or state senator for the state of Michigan. He's got some things to say about why a forensic test that was carried out on the Anna Rem County voting machines. You remember Anna Rem County just a few weeks ago on this very show, we showed you the The first video clips of the Republican Party, an interim county discovering that somebody had switched 6000 votes from Trump's column over to Biden. And then after that, we found out all these things. About a company called Dominion that we had never heard of before and out of that discussion about Antrim County and Dominion Machines. Then we found out all these things about 47.

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