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I'd here we go. And it's time for fasttrack. And let's see on one side of the coin. Let's go with LeBron will come back next Thursday after he's with his functional basketball activities. The other side of the coin it's gonna take a little bit longer called. Unfortunately, other side of the coin it's gonna take a little longer. Just a tad longer. Hope it's not like that. Percents press release of all time. Good would be robber was left, bruised and bloodied. After allegedly attempting to mug Brazilian UFC fighter. Pollyanna viana. Viana who is best known by her nickname. The iron lady told 'em a junkie a website that covers mixed martial arts that she was waiting for a new Bor in Rio last Saturday when she was approached by the man, she says quote when he saw when he saw I saw him. He sat next to me. He asked me the time. I said it and I saw he wasn't going to leave. So I already moved to put my cellphone in my waist. Then he said give me the phone don't try to react because I'm armed thinking that her alleged attacker attacker wouldn't have time to draws weapon which was later revealed to be a piece of cardboard shaped like a gun, the UFC fighter said she stood up through two punches and a kick have you ever been robbed? And if somebody was unarmed and tried to rob you would you try to fight back like Rob's Gummer like my home. You're we were our home was recent. What we were burgled, and we, but we were not home at the time. We came back, and they were already gone. I've never been held up like at the or walking down the street or anything like that. Right. I probably wouldn't just because you never know who it is like, I can replace my wallet. I can replace my phone. I can replace all that other strivers licenses real. For the driver is the pain in the ass, but also too. It's like, I am not. Am I may champion Brazilian lady iron loaded? You know, my name is the irony to kind of know yourself here. Like while I could defend defend my family. I would. But even if I knew somebody was on armed unless I could kind of really look at them in know. All right. I could take this guy. Right. Even then you don't like how many people in the NBA look at Steve Blake and said, I could take that guy the answers, none of them. Exactly. We bite their ears off. So I think I I wish I was kind of guy who would just beat down his attackers. And, you know, take my wallet back and hold them until the police come or whatever by probably not. Yes. So I got I've never been robbed. But I have been picked pocketed pick pocketed in Italy by two gypsy kids. One was waving a newspaper the other one who's going for the inside pocket of my jacket, and I fell. Knows overly all by newspaper, sir, and everything was gone at how long time to realize that I'd been picked. But like in this stuff is I just got a notification yesterday that somebody tried to charge eight hundred dollars to Eddie Bauer dot com.

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