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The home of the UC bear cats. Let's take a look. A temple starting lineup. It is delivered by your hometown dominoes get a large five topping and an order Bread twist for only 15 95 4 carry out the Owls or four in five under second year head coach Aaron McKie. At guard, a 65 red shirt freshman from Kinston, North Carolina. Damian done, He leads the team in scoring at 14.1 that 1/10 best in the American at Point guard, a 65 freshman from Chicago. Jeremiah Williams, not a big score. He's averaging 7.6 points, but he is third in the conference in assists, dishing out five per game at forward, a 69 senior from Greensboro, North Carolina. We've seen a lot of this guy over the years JP Mormon he averages just under eight points, pulls down six rebounds per game. Also it forward a 67 senior from Baltimore. Of Andre Perry. He's averaging eight points in five boards, and the final forward in the starting lineup is a 69 junior from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a transfer from Indiana. Jake Forrester. He's averaging 10 points and he is temples leading rebounder at 6.7. We do not have Cincinnati starting lineup yet again. We know that the bear cats are not going to be at full strength. We know that at least one walk on is likely to play tonight. But Coach Brandon is going to hold off on sharing those details with Temple and with us until we're closer. Tip off, So we will have those details coming up shortly. I will talk to coach Brandon when we continue. This is bear cat basketball. Presented by you create a news radio 700 wlw. Ready to make history with Honda Get a PR 0% for the first time ever at your Cincinnati northern Kentucky, Honda dealers save big on 2020 and 2021. CR V's in H R. V s and the New 2021 pilot all starting at 0% A P. R. Jump start the New year with this can't miss offer test drive a brand new 100 today and experienced these favorites for yourself. Or shop online.

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