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December one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The song had topped the hot one hundred. Madonna's first ever number one by february one thousand nine hundred five. The album was also number. Both of these chart toppers cemented. Nile rodgers status remarkably. The like a virgin album was the first number one p. of his career. No chic album had gone that high nor had the diana or let's dance. Lp's and the single was his hot one hundred number one as a producer following his two sheikh chart toppers diana ross's upside down and david bowie's let's dance. If you count his remix work on duran. Duran's the reflex. It was his sixth and crucially from upside down to like virgin nile. Rodgers had scored the bulk of his number ones after the disco sucks movement had killed sheiks commercial prospects. Which by the way was ongoing chic. Were still in a slump. As late as one thousand nine hundred eighty three rodgers and bernard edwards were still issuing albums and singles. But none of them did well on the charts even as they tried to modernize the chic sound tracks. Like give me the lovin. Would miss the hot one hundred entirely. And peter out in the.

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