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Up in five minutes moderator for a now closed illegal drug site on the dark net pleads guilty to conspiracy in Fresno the store is coming over the next fifteen minutes but right now it's ten forty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the finance and let's go to Barbara boxer number crash in Anaheim ninety one teaspoon before the five it's out of lanes and soon off the freeway in Anaheim hills ninety when he spent a highway to we're three right lanes taken away delays start believing lake view some lot of heavy traffic through there you might want to think about Santa Ana canyon or even I'll Palma to the north of the freeway as an alternate you will have to rejoin the ninety when he spent again and gypsum canyon if you want to keep going into corona there's work in Norco on the fifteen north bound past six street that's where you got the two left lanes shut down slowing things down leaving second and construction in west Covina ten westbound citrus to pointing in the two left lanes eastbound side of the ten at a Baldwin park pointed to citrus two right lanes are taken away and then beyond that ten eastbound from hole to the fifty seven two right lanes closed the connectors to the fifty seven north and southbound also shut down its flow into the east LA interchange five north found it meant a calzone rightly take away and then up ahead the connector to the ten west bound shut down watch out for delays starting before Indiana five cell phone connector the five south bend reduce they've got the right lane closed at slowing things a bit and if you're on the ten he spent it can't connect to the five self just continue we spent on the sixty take the seven ten south bound back to the five again and the clearing a stalled car in downtown one one self tanning mission road from the right lane your next report at ten fifty five time barber Brooks of more traffic reports are often can extend seventy newsradio plenty of sunshine we're also going to pick up some lenses or make a way through at least Thursday morning hi is expected to be met growing into the upper seventies were.

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