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Up against a stick with some day. Put some put some leaves on top of it to keep you dry. That's called the lean to so from the same experiences. One person builds a palace the other person builds a lean to. That's a rough one to take to rough to take as you might look around and say have the right circumstances in my life to be successful. I promise you that there's someone with worse circumstances that's more successful than you. Promise you promise you believe. It has been said that a man's character is the reality of himself. I don't think immense strength of character ever changes. I remember a long time ago and somebody told me that a mountains mountain might be reported to have moved. I could believe it or disbelieve it as I wished but if anyone told me that a man had changed his character I should not believe it. I don't know I look. I think it's hard for people's characters to change. I don't think you can change someone's character very easily. Actively proactively make their character change. But I think that through life and through experience people's character does absolutely change and you can meet someone now that you knew ten years ago and you'd say well that person's a whole new character and you would mean character it's classic sense yes. I mean what to kind of to kind of identify. What is character? Do you think like what? Just kind of moral like your fiber. Because it's not like you can talk to pretty much anyone and they'd probably tell you. Yeah like I'm a different person than I was fifteen years ago. Pretty much. It'd be okay. That wouldn't be a big surprise or whatever but they're not talking about that right like characters different. Well they are talking about that. Well see saying is that you know that slimy guy that you knew in high school that was trying to screw people over and whatever. Yeah he saying bad guy when you meet him twenty years later guess what. He's doing still a sly guy. Wants to another. I disagree with that. I actually have known people whose character has changed and for me. I mean there's a we could do a whole show. I guess about what his character but like for me characters doing what. You're you know you're supposed to do actually doing what you know you're supposed to doing what you know. Is the right thing to do. Yeah that's that's that's how you end up with character right and say you're going to do something you do it. You know you're supposed to do. Behave a certain way regardless if anyone's watching regardless of the outcome you know you're supposed to do the right thing you do at that's character. I agree with you. I think that you can eat. It's a rare thing. I do Kinda agree with him it. There's some people go. I remember that Greasy Dude. Yeah just being all trying to you. Know get won't take care of himself and you look at that person ten years later. It's the same blood occasionally changes. Yeah like maybe some big impactful event maybe or maybe even just like a new influence in life in like a little revelation. Kind of like you can. Oh Yeah that can happen. I think and I think he kind of does happen on these teeny tiny ways but nothing that would kinda collectively be considered character. But I think yeah I think of people can I absolutely think they can I think it? Yeah I I've seen it. I've seen it. I know people where I you know. Used to look at them and go and now I look at totally solid. Yeah I mean I. I don't know how much my characters chains absolutely i. It has changed a different guy that I was when I was twenty. Two maybe in the May on the battlefield. Maybe it's it's more rare. You know who were to the point where he's writing straight up. It can't be changed. Yeah it's it's. It's strange that he's so I mean saying it's he'd more believed that a mountain move. Then someone's character move that's a really bowl thing and look. I got plenty of examples where I know someone when they were you. Know Fifteen and then twenty and then twenty five and thirty and it's the same guy the whole time. Sometimes it's the person's just as upstanding in their character the whole time and sometimes they go sometimes. They're just a scumbag from day. One and your leg up now. That's didn't expect much much less than that. And then there's some people that progress and there's some people that that regress bright some people get treated bad they go through and their character goes down so I think we're in mutual disagreement with General Omar Bradley. On this point I think people's character can absolutely improve and I think I think he can get worse as well. Here's somebody gets what's that burned right. You get hurt by someone you burned by a girl you get burned by one of your friends. That'll change your character. Yeah yeah kind of the same deal right. Some big revelation you know or some big impactful event or the wrong influence over time over time and time and you know you start hanging around with on wrong people get into drugs or something like this where it's kind of like man my whole life is like if you don't lie cheat and Steal You. Kinda don't live you know you Kinda. Don't survive Ken in this environment. Something like that. Yeah that would make sense to you. Check all he's wrapped. That's the last characteristic talks about all leaders must possess these qualities which I have been discussing and the great leaders are those who protect possess one or more of them to an outstanding degree some leaders just being great because they are weak in one or more of these areas there's still another ingredient in this formula for a great leader that I have left out and that is lock all caps. He must have opportunity then of course when opportunity knocks. He must be able to rise. Open the door cool. I mean look yes absolutely. I've been extremely.

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