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Are there any big insurance companies that haven't made a move like this that you expect to at some point in the near future i mean i i've been expecting this from human or from another company for for some time are basically because you just look at how successful united health has been among ethnic avatar churned my latest called their optum unit alone books more revenue then or just about as much as one bit more than most of the other large insurance companies in the united states and also they've written the kind of costsavings in an annual egbin that two becoming the largest health insurer in the united states it's worked incredibly well for them i'm i'm a little spice it's taken other insure so on to emulate them and now you finally have you know the big agnes cvs deal which which is an interesting step in and inhuman no just taking cut of a narrower targeted approach aimed at a particular market in case is this good or bad for hospitals uh this is bad for hospitals me'do they're not that i think for hospital earlier what are they going to do is going this is terrific horrible a so anytime would ensure you know has more leverage is doing more of the hospitals job themselves that that's not good i mean isn't he had such aggressive hospital consolidation in a two reasons one to kind of fightback of outing against ensures that are ever larger and more powerful and have you can pushback on on reimbursement and also to kinda prevent patient leakage so patients from leaving your health care system to go somewhere else.

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