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Let me grab this hero. I had the latest. Part Thomas partner strategies, excuse me. Yeah. Thomas partner strategies hoops. Nope. That was Dana Rohrabacher and. It's. What we're finding is the here we go. I've got the number independence are just not going to John Cox is the issue. Yeah. Gavin Newsom, we go Lieutenant governor Houston this. According to Thomas partners strategies, their last survey right before the election. It came out on Halloween. Lieutenant governor Newsom is winning independence by nearly a two to one margin sixty percent to thirty six point nine percent and female voters break overwhelmingly toward Lieutenant governor Newsom fifty nine point eight percent to Mr Cox's thirty five point seven percent. So this is this is that's so the majority of people in California, you're saying no we like the direction that California's going now, we'll find out tomorrow. Maybe not even tomorrow. It might be a week might be a couple of weeks. I have a feeling in the case of governor. We're gonna find out the end of tomorrow night. We're going to know who won. It'll be a big enough margin of victory for Gavin Newsom mean all the all the polls are showing that. Four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten Susannah in Santa Rosa, Susanna, you're on ten with Ethan Bearman. Good morning. I just wanted to say that then regard to the last question about Gavin Newsom. You know, when that came out came out a long time ago, and he then that it was a grave error on his side. And he shot therapy for it. Which is never backed down from and the woman who was the other part or the party involved said it wasn't just him. She was an aggressor. And it was there folks together. I don't know whatever happened to them to she and her at her husband. I think they're still married. But you know, he clearly went public and said, look I screwed up. Sorry. I'm getting help for it. You know, he didn't say look, I was young. I made a mistake. He was going through divorce with that horrible, Kimberly Kilfoyle woman. And you know, it just happened. He made a he made mistakes he atone for his sins publicly several I appreciate you calling in. And I just got I just got the actual quote from her as well. And I think that you brought up a really input. Thanks for calling in. Susannah. I appreciate that. It's important. I don't necessarily know all of the details off the top of my head. But in the case of. The woman with whom then mayor Newsom had an affair with ruby rookie Gibney. I'm sure I'm mispronouncing some aspect of her name. I want to quote her because she wrote this it appears to be back in February. I fully support the metoo movement in this, particular instance. However, I am doubtful. That it applies. Yes. I was supporting it. But it was also a freethinking Thirty-three-year-old adult married woman and mother, I also happened to have an unfortunate inclination towards drinking to excess and self destruction. So in other words to your point Suzanne, and thanks for calling in is it was consensual and the other person the other party admits her own. Part in this affair, and it's just.

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