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We begin with your safety anytime you're in D.C. for work or play and whatever you might need a first responder. There are not more mistakes being made at D.C. 9-1-1, but emergency call takers are reporting the mistakes they make more often. That is what the acting director of D.C.'s office of unified communications told city lawmakers wondering why 36 ambulance ambulances have been sent to the wrong address so far this year. To go from April and addresses an FY 2020 to 36 so far this year, does that reflect an underreporting that was going on? Were two council member and committee chair Brooke Pinto asked acting director Heather mcguffin, why so many more ambulances are being misdirected by 9-1-1 dispatchers. The short answer, they're reporting more of their mistakes. There wasn't maybe always a way to report that, that they knew about mayor muriel Bowser wants to see McGowan get the job, which requires a confirmation from the D.C. council. She says she's committed to transparency, but doesn't know if she can release 9-1-1 called transcripts, despite criticism from D.C. auditor Kathy Patterson that other jurisdictions do just that. Meghan cloher a WTO news. Now more about D.C. city government versus Congress after the House and Senate recently overrode some crime reforms that was passed by the D.C. council or were passed by the D.C. council, the House oversight committee chairman, Kentucky Republican James comer, is inviting members of the D.C. council the chief financial officer and the D.C. police union to testify at a hearing scheduled for March 29th. Comer says the hearing is covering crime and homelessness. The offices of D.C. council chair Phil mendelson and council member Charles Allen say they both got invitations. Mendelssohn's office is saying that he will indeed attend the hearing. We're still waiting to hear back from other D.C. leaders. FBI agents raided Roy McGrath's Florida home today. Two days after the one time top 8 to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan failed to appear in Baltimore federal court to stand trial on corruption charges. But grass wife, Laura bruner, was home during the FBI raid were told, and those in

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