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Out Freddie kitchens that came on Sunday the rounds one six and ten in his lone season in Cleveland mean at times and Tim Hasselbeck share this insight on what's needed from the new coach of the Browns I was shocked at the higher initially I think they did it because there was a a good relationship between Baker Mayfield and and Freddie kitchens but that team needs like like they you know they had a better players they need a culture change like they need to completely change the feeling in the building and I believe in order to do that you need somebody who's maybe like one of the best things about them is their ability to be organized yeah my experience was was with Tom Coughlin I was with the giants when he was in nationally hired he was brought in there to change the culture is a that's what he is he's a culture change your kind of person and that's a little bit what you need they just need an adult in the Cleveland they just need someone with maturity and experience and leadership like someone is delegated I think who can relate to players and not fight with them who can handle the media which is been something they struggle with all season to step in there and take the truck because they still have a ton of talent on this team is I I saw the one the more desirable coaching jobs in the NFL for that reason but what's happened with bigger Michael's not something that you see free will you see sophomore slumps but the way in which he regressed going from being one of the most accurate young quarterbacks in the NFL to looking skittish both inside and outside the pocket you know making the wrong decisions to say nothing of some of the you know very is off the field squabbles it's it's really uncommon it's going to take a head I think a very strong hand to get that **** back on course more NFL news dolphins probable cornerback Xavier Howard arrested on a domestic battery charge following an argument with his fiancee police in Davie Florida said the arrest report that the woman was injured as the couple argued over the purchase of a purse raiders guard Richie incognito signing a two year fourteen million dollar extension six point three five in guaranteed money in that deal in Adam gase as he already is talk with running back levy on bell about ways in which they can utilize him better next season an indication they expect to have him on the roster under contract for three more years yes tomorrow do you want honest show tomorrow on a personal venture crucial gaze deferring to GM Joe Douglas meantime not playoffs get started on E. S. P. N. that Saturday buffalo Houston kick off at four thirty five eastern in the wild card round in later Saturday night Tennessee is at New England on the heels of their dramatic win in Seattle claiming the NFC's top see the forty Niners have a bye next week home field advantage throughout Ryan Clark Bernard Pollard are fans of the San Francisco team as the one to beat to get to Super Bowl Sunday right now I'm I'm going with the forty Niners I think they're the most complete training I think they they are as far as getting a man who I was with him in Houston he was smart band he's smart now if you know the deported I was with all of those guys so they're doing some special things all basically be pursuing a special thing they got dogs are running the ball they got dolled catching a ball they got dogs do what you know Russian a passer covering a receiver so I think they're the most complete team I I I everybody's talking about Baltimore I like I like Baltimore Lamar Jackson they showed up we showed all he doesn't think I don't think you will be able to do its part and a passing game are still great this is a one year thing I don't think he's a complete quarterback he's explosive with his legs all but I do like the forty Niners I think about the forty Niners Baltimore rematch I think in in weather conditions the forty Niners beat the drawl golf club this is one of the biggest turnarounds in NFL history need to look at this team it all started with caution ahead and John Lynch with their belief that they have put together a roster and that once they will hold and once they were healthy they can win a game in any way we've seen this scene going to road when a shoot out we've also watched them when defense of struggles in battles they've shown that no matter what time of the game it is how close the score is they can find ways to win and that's what the playoffs are all about check your engine this way winner use pens all synthetic motor while it's made from natural gas and not crude oil let's move to the college ranks Ohio state's JK Dobbins says he's entering the twenty twenty NFL draft the junior that third rank draft eligible running back this quarter mil copper junior he's Ohio state's all time leading rusher had a school record two thousand and three yards is past their regular season Capital One Orange Bowl all about who's Florida Gators rascal alone takes the struggles.

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