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Times and businesses from Bloomberg his Patrice a car robots are becoming smarter and more nimble and that's opening doors to jobs outside the automotive industry deliveries of robots to carmakers fell twelve percent last year but shipments to food and consumer products companies they surged forty eight percent Bloomberg's Tom blacks as robots can take over repetitive tasks picking and packing is is one of those areas and that that's exploding because of the commerce and the U. S. bureau of labor statistics says there's a record number of vacancies forever has jobs held by humans blacks as robots are now teachable even if you wanted to say I want you to grab a red apple and leave the green apples they can learn the next important step will be mobility so that you have the robot not only be able to see things being on the pick things up but I'll actually be able to to move in go to to where the task needs to be done still in the future the ability to fold clothes and load the dishwasher could we work on that please I'm Patrice Sikora Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's newsradio it's one Sam president trump is now firing away at one of his most prominent congressional investigators there have been repeated tweets over the weekend and strong reactions like Tom forty the president's acting chief of staff explains his most recent attacks on on African American member of Congress Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings and his Baltimore area district this way he fights back when he feels like he's attacked what would Mr coming said this week was wrong Mick Mulvaney on CBS's face the nation Cummings has been critical of the president's board of policy and its enforcement and he's also investigating Mr trump on a number of fronts on ABC's this week in New York Democrat Jerry Nadler the president is as he often is discussing and racist Tom forty CBS news Washington Michigan congresswoman or she'd have to leave is one of four lawmakers president trump was criticized in recent weeks on CNN's state of the union should accuse the president of I hate agenda that is affecting Americans across the country our president has a hate agenda he doesn't have a policy agenda and that's when he falls down on speaking on ABC's this week New York mayor and democratic candidate bill de Blasio said his fellow Democrats should get caught up in the president's street trap Democrats can't fall into the trap and sometimes what we George we are too much I'm someone does believe there should be impeachment proceedings for example but I don't think which obsessive about it the president's latest tweets come days after special counsel Robert Muller is testimony before two congressional committees and we're getting an idea of how Americans view them a new ABC poll shows there's a division that reflect party lines when it comes to impeachment but how do they feel about foreign interference in our electoral system you're seeing a lot more confident that among Republicans that were ready for the challenge then you are among Democrats overall you have well more than half the country expressing at least some concern about how prepared we are to combat Russian invention that which was of course the main message Robert Muller trying to deliver as ABC news political director Rick Klein it's one twelve time for check on sports is mark Bennett domination the only way to describe the last three days at Fenway red Sox of completely had their way with the Yankees had scored on thirty eight thirteen take the first three games of the series yesterday's winning pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez admits they knew these were important games to get if they want to make up some ground policy coming here we know how big this.

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