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To a long, term deal with the player on the team and the player that was tagged basically you're playing under, the one game a franchise contract now. DeMarcus Lawrence lamarcus Joyner and who else. My Mizuki Zeke Ziggy, Ansah thank you, have signed their franchise tax but, that means they can still work. Out a long term deal Levy on bell running back. For. The Pittsburgh Steelers has not signed that franchise tag because he, still wants to work out that long, term? Deal Mike Tomlin the Steelers. Head coach said he's optimistic that, they'll have, good news today and that's wonderful, for him Adam Schefter our financial insider says that's great optimism he's not buying it is interesting how, players don't like the franchise tag anymore by the way DeMarcus Lawrence ants are both gonna make seventeen million. Dollars this year. Guaranteed so they're going to work out all right. But, you. You understand in the. Context. Of the game in the market of why they, don't like it because they don't have that long term deal with bigger. Amount of guaranteed money I don't know where Mike this is going to go with bell this is a position that is beginning harder and harder to figure, out, the running back position people have talked about it losing, value, in the NFL. I completely disagree? The running. Back I think has lost some of the value but, not the running back position because if you want to rename it to a slash. E position the true running back Adrian Peterson's of the world that that I think we have shifted away from that it is Bell you know it is David David Johnson. It is Zeke Elliott it, is those multifaceted guys who can line up, out of the backfield hunt. And catch out of the backfield, to where we're. Trying to figure. Out what they're worth is as opposed to the life expectancy of a running, back in, the NFL out think they've lost value leading on bells trying. To reset on saying that that's. What I'm, saying we're trying to find the new value of today's running back that's the difference is trying to say he's trying to set a Mark and this is something that guys like saquon. Barkley you're coming into the league or in that mold are supporting. And wanna see establish and for Lebanon bell hasn't signed the tag because like last year he. Wants to be able to not show up through training. Camp if that's the case last, year signed, the tag about five days before, the season got started and plans to do the same this year and it's what they're gonna do, for the running back position the future is complicated because Lebanon Bell's not the perfect scenario in this because. He's missed dude injury he's missed time due to suspension it's not a it's not a perfect consistent sample size necessarily but he's been one of the most productive if not the most productive backs in the league my concern is what happens with him in the steelers and the steelers prepared to do with the rest of this ben rothlisberger window because if you don't sign levy on to a long term deal now i think you open it up to him not being a steeler when it comes time for the two thousand nine hundred and season to be played what does that say about the way you view your runway right now as far as getting back to winning a super bowl i in the bigger picture even from the steelers we still haven't set a new mark for running backs we have we just listed the name of guys down the road who are going to be coming up at some point and the highest right now has been devante freeman right correct i mean which is going to get blown away supposedly by these guys but we don't have the new mark yet pittsburgh certainly doesn't want to set a new mark but if they signed to a long term deal it's going to be a new mark so there's that looming out there as well who's going to set the mark and ward is it going to be for the future Running, back and levian is set one of the reasons he wants to do this is to set..

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