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Has elects a builtin said that while you're talking to it can you can say it can you turn the lights up so i can see my my reflection more clearly a and i suppose ultimately you'll be able to say miramar on the wall who's the fairest of more but that they don't seem to built vat functionality in yet but certainly every place you could imagine that there is room for talking to instead of pressing buttons on a gadget that's what that are investigating at the moment and it may be premature but for sure big big box of being put in by the likes of google apple microsoft and amazon to make sure that will will eventually find something that we think is actually useful for these virtual assistance to do do you think chloe alexis siri cortana are they all going to survive or will be a bit like at the launch of the videotape for really only one four months of eyes gives me as it stands wouldn't you have to guess a device is that were all compatible ole lg devices compatible with chloe and old brand new ones that were and you know souped up enough that they could deal with her yes nc that's exactly right and but interestingly that does seem perhaps they've anticipated exactly that four th they they seem to be building compatibility from multiple personal assistance in gadgets so there there are several that will respond to alexa or if you say hey gugel google assistant over sweeping the personal system that and i think i think the truth is alexa from amazon is so far out in front so much more widely available they're not necessarily more advanced than kugler system for example that i think companies such as panasonic and samsung are hedging their bets a bit and they don't want to presume that lx is going to be the one to go for so they're making them compatible with multiple ones now that only gets confusing if.

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