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Who don't actually like you, right? Yeah, because if he was in the club, he'd still being the right? Yeah. And there's so many even Matt Lauer is not getting shit on like us. I mean little severance you probably got to keep the desk with the trap door on it. Right? What are they gonna do with it. I mean, if anybody needs there's a knock on the door is can you get it Honey? You get right where you're sitting fucking creek, didn't his wife leave? Yeah, fucking all his friends. Good. For you keeps fantasy of like your your come debt, like your. I love my Kellyanne fantasy gonna, fuck all your friends. Billy Bush. His wife is just going through his phone. I thought she left him to you've hope you'll see ever with him. What are you going to do with them every night? You come home to that guy. Get in here. I have a headache. Got my period. US voter registration, spiked after Taylor swift or fans the vote. You know what you gotta step up. You really got him. Let's say you have to you're in our teast. It's hard enough to do your thing. But if you got a chance you gotta fuck and take a risk and save the country and tell people, hey, you like my dopey songs. Thanks. Give a fuck this year. I love it. I mean, I love it. Fifty. One thousand new registration votes coincident new registrations in the twenty four hours since Taylor swift political views people the one thousand fifty one thousand three hundred eight. I mean. I mean, she got a lot of followers on Twitter, Instagram, so that's a huge move. So those thirteen year olds are now twenty one. So if matters fifty thousand more registrations on the democrat side, of course, or these aside, people like go 'cause people on both sides, like tails Luke music. Yeah, she's like the whitest Queen in the world right also she's not even from Tennessee, isn't she from Connecticut? I on. From connect to Kurt or Pennsylvania. She's from Pennsylvania. Think busy Phillips claims that James Franco assaulted her on the set of freaks and geeks. Busy Phillips. Busy Phillips is not busy. She got time. She got to start some drama today. Busy isn't everything. She's in Amy Schumer, latest movie as one of the best gal there, two friends that Amy hangs out with all the time. She's one of them. I feel pretty in a new excerpt from her upcoming memoir. This will only heard a little busy Phillips is claiming her freaks and geeks co, star, James Franco assaulted her while they were filming a scene for the series. The scene required her character character to gently hit Franco in the chest during her lines of dialogue, Franco was caught off guard, and this directive was included in the script and subsequently broke character to yell at Phillips. He Greg, both my arms and screamed in my face. Don't ever touch me again. And he threw me to the ground only let them I back when knocked out of me. Oh my God. Could you describe as she describes Frank? Was being quote fucking bully throughout their freaks and geeks experience fucking freak after the salt wasn't one of the geeks right. After the assault of Philip said, she cried in front of fellow co star, Linda Cartolini who advised her to report what happened to her manager. She didn't, though as Franko policies or the following day after being forced to do so by the show's producers director. Earlier this year, of course, many women accused Franko various instances of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. He has maintained that these allegations are quote not accurate, although he will not quote actively refute them so that their voices can be hard. I remember his non apology. I'm one of those dopey talk shows, let it he say, he's like that didn't happen, but you may feel free to talk. He said, it's not accurate, but women need to be heard right now I'm gonna let them, but let me tell you something you accuse me of abusing you and I didn't. I'm not going to say it's not accurate. I have time to explain explain what's not accurate. Same thing with Matt Lauer. He's like, something's true, and something's aren't first of all your fire. So you have time everybody wants to come to you. And the thing is with these guys, they write stories, Matt Lauer writes a story, right? Right. He presents a story to us, but he can't present this story. Some things are accurate and that was the desk..

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