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Three years he has not had a single snap of training camp and preseason and always going on to do is win the defensive player of the year the last two years I'm gonna love this all day long because frankly if it's working don't mess with it show up week one and keep dominating honestly why fix what is broken and again Erin Donald watches offseason training videos on him on Instagram knifes my god you don't need camp after a year of great I'm tired just walked yeah I'm gonna love it because he's proven he doesn't need it I'm a little concerned that he's actually showing up love it or shove it gold in the wind go Danny Etling level is five hundred receiving yards this season for the patriots love it or shove it again at Lee was a seventh round pick in the patriots as a quarterback they've already moved on from him a quarterback he runs about four seven forty and the patriots are a wide receiver needy team the saints are a wide receiver needy team but this is a taste and help move this is a classic case we held a line above everywhere the patriots usually the ones people copy instead now the copiers of Sean Payton's taste of hell model I love this I'm gonna shove it at some point if there's just has to be an end that if if he gets it Danny Etling goes out there and does a five hundred yards and I have no reason for hope anymore the same the first round kill Harry and they got fraction very astute in play at all last year all I got a show of this one I just I can't see it and you know what maybe I'm being stupid but eventually one of these moves will work out for for bill dollar chats we will love it or shove and by the way dry Instagram hop on there and Goldwyn go play along fun times all the questions of their deck Prescott will get a new contract before Ezekiel Elliott love it or shove it was Jews all on three because I think we're all going to have the same answer one two three the same time that's my new kick this is typical you so you had to ruin the good.

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