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With a lower risk of injury and death mechanical problems kept the fast ferry between bremerton and seattle from running today kits adtranz transit says it hopes it will be back in operation tomorrow it's been a bad month for the new ferrying cluding today it's been taken out of service for six days and it's only the 14th stay with komo news and we'll the ferry will be running tomorrow come sent 604 let's get you caught up on our komo aaa traffic only at that brushfire by 167 and that was slowing things down a lot of looking lose are things like a now here yeah it's still looking slow at nath because that northbound 167 you're all dance we still have the right lane blocked dad's wealth so if you're traveling in the north andrew action you're gonna be seeing heavy traffic from highway 18 and then that's out that traffic still slow from with in can't now also in arbor we've been working on this eight respond that's on auburn way in turn length trying to get onto westbound 18 still thinking about a quarter mile backup there because that that south at ninety nine it's going to be tough from the south end of lake union in into the soda area southbound 405 is really pack through bellevue northbound 405 it's slow in south center and that again as you work your way through kirkland southbound i five still an athlete cross from northgate two games and then again from highway 18 through five northbound i five still looking tricky third shoreline and you're very heavy third north everett as well also seeing scattered like both directions of i five through the jp l m area and 509 israelibacked that for about two miles right now as you make your way towards 705 your next report's at 1214 i'm kiera jordan on komo news here thanks the pool with your komo forecast hello everybody how to having a great evening it's going to continue yeah we got mostly clear skies for you tonight overnight low temperatures will be somewhere around the upper 40s and low fifty so we'll feel a bit cool in the morning regardless enjoy your day tomorrow because we've got plenty.

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