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Brought to you by the whole foods app you can find yellow mangoes for $5 through April 5th plus 10% off for prime members that check out their app married to pomp at WTP traffic Chatting now with storm team four's Michelle Grossman who is watching radar going to tell us when those showers might move in Good morning Yeah I'm watching radar actually right now We're seeing some showers to our western neighborhoods already It's moving closer to the D.C. area and we'll be here very very soon And once it gets here we're going to see rain today tonight Thursday into the early part of Friday So grab an umbrella if you're headed out Otherwise it's breezing cooler today Heisman 50s to low 60s The Rain continues tonight a thunderstorm as possible too And we're going to see the temperatures rise as the storm really moves in So temperatures tonight mild into the low 60s We start out warm Thursday morning and that's going to lead to a warmer afternoon with Heisman 60s low 70s But keep in mind we'll have showers all around on and off throughout the day A thunderstorm also is possible on Thursday And then early Friday morning we have more showers they clear out and then we have a pretty nice Friday So that's good Something to look forward to with partly to mostly sunny skies by later on Friday low to mid 60s Saturday we'll start out with a little bit of sunshine than clouds increase the chance for showers back into the forecast And we'll see how it's cool and then Deborah 50s Sunday the sunshine returns are really pretty day but it's gonna be a cool day breezy and cooler with highs right near 50 And Monday some of us are staying put in the 40s So we do have some cold days ahead of us Right now we're looking at temperatures in the 40s in some spots but most of us into the 50s So right now it's 53 in D.C. It's 49 in martinsburg and it's 50 in larray All right and the forecast is brought to you by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs This is dulles glass dot com dulles glass love your glass Ten 52 Let's face it Real estate is broken Commissions are outrageously high Service is poor and there's been little to no innovation for the last 50 years.

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