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Certainly, Peter, you know we're reading the survey of approximate 2000 tripled customers in April of this year and learned that you know 97% are planning a trip in 2021, with the top reason being a vacation. And you know when we look at PS days, you know record airport screening. Both certainly are surprising to us based on the survey because more than half of respondents That they'd be ready to fly domestically by June, and one third of the travelers are planning to take a trip. They had to reschedule due to the pandemic and of those 8%, you know, plan to sail away on a reschedule cruise. Right. And then one of the other findings I thought was interesting is that 97%, you know, are trying to figure out how to cash in those vouchers. Those those like We talked about that earlier than the show with both senators from Connecticut and Massachusetts who've been writing the CEOs of the airlines saying that please refund their money. Mm. Because a lot of those vouchers is a limit to how long you can plan to catch him in because they have expiration dates. Absolutely. That's certainly something we're staying out. Well, you know in the marketplace is well in terms of how important it is to track and re utilize. You know, all those airline credits were for last year when comparables canceled trips. And do you see any transistor where they're going? You know, we actually did eight in a survey in regards to um you know, this survey specifically looked at, you know, domestic, You know, travel. And certainly domestically in the US on one of our previous surveys as well, we did this year. You know the top destinations within the U. S. Or Hawaii, Florida, You know, Arizona, Colorado and California. Um, you know, for for international destination, Certainly people's bucket list or, you know, Europe, Asia, Africa and, you know Australian Zeeland. And of the top destinations in Europe. Really? It's Italy, Greece, France, Spain and that Scotland. So no, the usual suspects. Absolutely right. Correct. They are the usual suspects. And then comes the gray area and the gray area, which is really, you know, put into the spotlight again. This week is vaccination versus no vaccination on by where that limits you or whether you're not going to go in all or whether you believe in it. What did you say they find on that? You know, there's certainly a lot of lots of factors on go out question. The vaccine rollout has been a driving force for many people wanting to travel. You know, our survey showed that 57% of travelers you no need to be personally vaccinated to feel comfortable flying. Which which outranks the 37% of travelers who need herd immunity to feel comfortable, And we also learned that 68% of vaccinated respondent. I have already booked a trip since getting their shot or plan to do so soon. Well, that tells you everything you need to know people were ready to go. Absolutely no without question. Yeah, I think for so long, you know, Peter be expected to say that you know, we've been zoomed in for so long that many of us want to zoom out, You know, part of the prime Well, I have. I have a personal survey that I'll share with you. And that is as we begin to travel again, and we stopped doing many of those zoom calls. If I were going to speculate on the buying commodities on the stock market, I'd be buying pants futures. Because people gonna get up and go away the minute I have to wear pants now, and they won't be able to fit into the pants They already had. Because they've gained so much weight sitting home on the zoom calls. They're gonna have to get a new wardrobe. I'm telling you. I mean, I have no insider information here, but it's an obvious choice. Here. We're gonna go get pants. That's a serving you didn't You didn't do that survey, Ralph. But I did that survey its pants. Well, thank goodness this is a no voice only, uh, podcast. Quite honestly, Rounds Go look a thought Leader of conquer And of course trip it. Thanks for sharing the survey results with us. And in the meantime, Ralph, be honest. Now go get some pants, okay? Absolute. There will be. No, thank you so much, Peter. Alright. Thanks, Ralph. Back with your calls and your e mails right after this..

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