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For your department that put on all these great events normally. In the city of Chicago for summertime to have of it some events back on the schedule again. Yeah, I think you know, despite that unimaginable challenges that we were thrown yet our way last year, in particular the challenges that were thrown to the cultural sector. Um it's nice to see that we've been able to persist and come together to, you know really slow and stop the spread of the virus so we can A better city on the right path forward to re opening, and that includes getting back to culture, So we're excited, and I think relieved because it's it's time and, um, we're happy that we're gonna be able to bring bring folks together this summer. It's gonna be something special. I mean, when everything shut down last year, everybody felt that you know that same kind of loss. Even not even you know, in many cases, not even be able to go out of the house, right? But you know, the creative community stepped up and started doing all of these virtual Projects, which was amazing. You can't keep creative people down they had they had to create and now Mayor Lightfoot announced. This open Chicago initiative, which includes open culture, explain what that means. Well, it czar password to get in the city. You know, back tol spirits and all of the things we love, live music, theater and dance. We have such a rich, You know, cultural scene here in Chicago. Um and so, what we're doing is we're just kind of trying to put us on that fast. Half board imagining that you know, 2021 will look a lot more like 2019 men 2020 in terms of our ability to kind of bring folks together. Uh, so in partnership with, you know, organizations across the city we've been, you know, able to announce the kind of opening of some of our city's most beloved kind of cultural institutions and treasures, including Millennium Park. We're gonna have a full season of events and morning Park this summer, which will start in June with kind of pop up performances, but also of course, include the Grant Park Music Festival. Her will be, you know, back to business. As usual. We will have some limited capacity. And you know, folks will have to register in advance. But we're happy Tol welcome, folks back to the to the park this summer or also, you know, before you before you move off of Millennium Park, I presume that means Pritzker Pavilion performances of my right about exactly so Grand Park Music Festival. Will be performing Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from July 2nd two on the 21st, and you can get all of that information at Grant Park Music festival dot org's. We're also going to be bringing back the very popular Millennium Park Music Series for 10 additional concert that will be on Thursdays starting August 2nd. On then we're also opening up the Pritzker states to some partners. The artist Korean Theater is gonna present the American Ballet Theater Company, Um, on July 8th, and we're also gonna have another dance for life performance that's presented by Chicago to get those united so it'll be both, you know, recognized partners, but also some new folks that are gonna be taking advantage of the state to the summer dance for life benefit. Hosted for 20 years at various venues throughout Chicago. Most of them were inside, although it wasn't the skyline stage in Navy Pier for several years, so this will be the first time that it's back outside again. Okay. And you know, this is a terrific benefit that brings together the best dance companies in Chicago all on one stage on one night. If you're a fan of dance that you know that that's AH must see Performance. But these performances that are going to be taking place at of the Pritzker Pavilion you say that you have to reserve in advance for those now. Yeah, this is this is something new that we're gonna have to institute this year, obviously for public public safety and health reasons, but it'll be a really easy process. All of the tickets were still free. So there's there's no charge, but there is a registration. System in place, so you'll be able to register register. You know your spot on the lawn and then also your spot and the seating bowl. Um and it'll be kind of after that. You'll be able to use your against registration to access the concert You can this way you can control The number of people so so you don't have too many people in one place at one time, in other words, Exactly Okay, now, how do you register for something Like that? Um, well, we're gonna have all the information will be, of course, on the Millennium Park website. Also at Grant Park Music Festival. The registration is not quite open, but that will be going life soon. As her book should check the Morning Park website and also Grant Park Music Festival full for that information, All right, So, in addition to Pritzker Pavilion, I was happy to see that lots of theaters are going to be reopening again as well as part of this program, right? Yeah, There are a lot of, you know, cultural organizations that are kind of opening, opening their doors back up, so we, you know, want to highlight all of those things, too, including theaters and You know, neighborhood's festivals that people love like the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, the printer printers roll it fast, um, old Town Art Fair. The Pivot Arts Festival, which is actually happening may 21st through June 5th, which is alive and multi arts experience lots of different Kind of genres. So we do wanna just acknowledge you know the work that our local festival presenters and our museums on our theaters are doing to get to get sucked the folks back open. So so how will some of these outdoor events be handled them? For example, the old Town art fair? June 12th and 13th Pride in the park, June 26 27, Southport Art Fair July 10th and 11th. Chinatown. Summer Fair July 17th and 18th. The printer's row lit fest. September 11th and 12th Hyde Park jazz festivals September 25th and 26. That's just part of what's on the list. But these air out your events. How do you control the number of people in spacing and all that sort of thing with things like that? Is that also by reservation? Um, well, I think all of these air independent, you know, privately, perfect produced events. Global handle that I think in different ways, But there are you know, pretty folks have worked really hard on, you know, providing at least the city has tried to really provide some guidance in terms of You know how you know presenters can deliver these events safely s. Oh, there is guidance that we're able Tiuna give to focus. And I think, um, e Think we've gone through this now and so, you know, controlling entrance and exit and making sure that you know people have, uh, you know, distancing. And, uh you know, advanced, you know, and it Cleaning protocols and all about Tess's is built into the process now, so we'll be working closely with all of these event producers to make sure that their events can go go smoothly for the public in terms of theaters reopening In your announcement on this. It includes Broadway in Chicago Back up and running a to Broadway Playhouse theater water tower, They're going to be producing Six. The production called Sixth and October October 5th through January 30th. The Goodman Theater is on it. The court theater in Hyde Park. Yeah. Is on it. I'm just so I can't even tell you how happy I am to see that live theaters, you know, going to be back up and running to some degree. Yeah, I'm excited about it, too. And I think we'll you know, we'll continue to see throughout the summer Additional, You know, details and more more theaters, more music venues, right Being able Tol open open their doors. As we move. You know, later into the summer into the fall, it's going to be a process for sure. In terms of getting everybody back on track. But I didn't want to mention that, In addition to the kind of reopening support, we also have some grant programs that are available Tiuna cultural presenters just knowing that you know, folks need Resource is and and capital capital to be able to kind of mountain produces the show..

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