Michael Cole, WA, Steve Austin discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 60: Summerslam 2002


No not really with me no i jr could uh grumbling grown sometimes to kevin dunne and two production people when two whoever would listen but for the most part jr was there to do his job and tell me what you want me to do and i'll go out and do it uh tasr was here aachen assu but michael cole is in a castle share hair same with r uh wind the dress code for the and ask team change and wa well that was counter in the time of our casual dress and thank god for steve austin that we got away from suits and we got away from that the coats and ties everywhere every day and we got to just be a little more relaxed so it was during that time that he felt that the a onair talent could have a little bit more relaxed look as well but it's funny because that is actually in my notes of how they were dressed in i thought that uh just comparing the where where we are today in where where were before that i thought that the guys looked wait two casual we input in particular j r in michael well it's the other announcers of space and asked him and the other announcer francs on those guys fist and teeshirts this just feels way different you know you've got uh black matt and uh the black barricades and a black rings kerr and black poulsen and black um a ropes and black turn buckles and everything is much more understated here in the kind of over the top presentation that wicket now and it feels like fences convinces tastes just sorta changes as the wind blows is that fair to say.

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