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One of the characters is struggling with cabin fever. Because she vory much like to socialize and the other Character is a recluse who who thinks that Cove it times are a dream come true because he doesn't have to socialize with anybody. He's got an excuse. I don't That's what I've been saying. Since like since March. You know if you don't want to do something, just just tell your partner Sorry. Pandemic, and then you're off the hook. It sure is a ready yet? Yeah, This particular character is an introvert. So he's just happy as a clam to be to be in his health alone without anyone bothering him. Alright, so Duchess will deal with this actually, and indeed be live. Absolutely that it will be alive. It is run on zoom in a webinar format People will join in. We also will have a you know a talkback question and answer afterwards so people can ask the actors or the playwright questions And the thing that I think is so important and critical about this and why am really endorsing it. It is live Unlike a lot of the things that are being done now it's done on YouTube or it's filmed and then posted somewhere Well, I just think there's a plethora product out there that you can watch on YouTube or straining that, But the point and Mike, you know, I'm a huge fan live theater. There's nothing like it. So this is significant and different, and that's and so we don't record it. It will not be posted. Where if you don't you don't have canned done for Yes, this is it. It's you know, on what makes this one unique because we did. A performance of hunkered down back in August, is that because Robert wrote a sequel? On Friday night show You will get to see the first act the way it was in August. Now you'll get to see the second act as an addition and those of you who may have missed it in August, get to see it again. Live because it is not recorded. It is not posted anywhere else. Okay, Very, very cool. I'm glad you clarified that. So the two characters are they, Robert, Can you tell us or we have to? We have to wait and watch. Will they be in the same place? Well, they're on the same screen when you're watching it for that in the same room on the same No, they're not in the same room because she tried to visit him in person, and he would have none of that. Because that's not what hunkering down is about. So she sent he sent her away. But he agreed that he would have Ah, doom conversation with her. So the play? Is there video call that they make after he had after he has read rejected her trying to visit in person, okay? Is this How long is the play? Robert? This version of the play that will be seeing on Friday is about 40 minutes long. Okay, Um and it will have Ah, a short interval between the two scenes. Such as did you? Did you add any direct any or bring out any humor any any laughter in hunker now? Oh my gosh. It's I don't know, even know most of the stuff that I've directed instead to be kind of a poignant stuff. The reason that this works I think is because it includes humor as well as poignancy and the relevancy of Of the pandemic. There's a lot of humor in this who are the actors. The actors playing the part of Kevin is Don Kongers, and he has been seen at the Santa Fe Play house and the Swan in many plays here in Santa Fe locally, and then I get the lucky I get like this, Clint Eastwood. I get to play the part of Barry and so I get to do two roles in this director and actor. What's her name? Her name is buried the R I and she's kind of she's slightly opportunity. She's a little bit flamboyant and very much an extrovert. So you're not a social You're not. You're not a party, girl. Gosh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm the one in the corner. No, no, no. I love Zoom. Hi, Fi. I'm doing really well. So you so you are you are him. All right? So how Duchess. How have you been handling personally as yourself? Dutch Is Dale been handling Cove. It Well, as I said, in the beginning for me, it was. It was easy peasy because I am an introvert. I'm not a party person. Socializing is not high on my list, so I was adapting to it pretty well. And then, of course, in the weeks and months went by, I began to have a different appreciation of how nice it would be. To connect with humans other than on a screen or a phone call. So gratefully I have these creative outlet. A direct theater to act in theater to keep me saying. All right. You guys have let the cat out of the bag. There is a sequel that Robert tells about his equal or are there prequels as well? No, no prequel that I've thought of yet. That's a good idea, though. Thank you know, as Duchess mentioned the original was, Ah, Single act, so it was a 20 minute play. And then when we did it last month at T a trope, Aragua. And we had about 200. People show up for that on zoom. Which is pretty amazing when you Yeah, so so progress if they do in in person theater they get like 50 people. I mean, that's as many pieces they have. They often get fewer than that. But, um, so the idea of having 200 people in their audience at once was terrific. And then during the talk back a number of Audience members who spoke up said, Well, I want to know what's gonna happen to these characters. So you need to write a sequel. You need to write another scene that that shows them some number of weeks or months later. So I took that hint. What happens to us? What happened to that The characters on them is us, right? Well, yes. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And that sense Well, in this case, the second scene the sequel is three weeks later. So that puts them back in June, right, So it's still in our path. Not in our future yet. And so they have worked some things out. But they're still struggling with other things has this is open up Other opportunities for you, Robert or other idea for you. It's like, you know, got your creative juices going about doing things rather than just live in a black box theater somewhere. Now you can do things you know, on on Zoom or other medium. Yeah, I agree with what Duchess said about zoom opening up the opportunity to Ah to basically put your play out right on network, you know, nationally or internationally, right? So they Yeah, it opens up a great a great opportunity for playwrights that are sort of hunker down. And, uh, you know, looking to get to get produced in some way indeed. Our guests are the playwright. Robert Benjamin and the director and actress, one of two in in the play called Hunker Down, Dutch Is Dale Robert once again. Where, when? How can people watch it on Friday? So this will be this Friday evening, September 26th at seven o'clock PM local time Mountain time. And it'll it'll be. It will be produced by T A trope, Aragua and you, Khun get you can register for it at the osteoporotic.

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