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It's early morning on april twentieth. Nineteen sixteen ernest. Shackleton hasn't slept on light the blizzard still hasn't let up and there's a decision to be made his called for his most trusted men wars and wild to consult with him. The plan isn't new. They talked about it backward and forward long into the nights on the flow all the men. No it's coming to shackleton has always been transparent with them so gentlemen. Let's go over our three options again. He watches as frank wars. -ly unrolls his map and begins pointing it at dark spots in the sea. So we've got horn. That's the closest it's five hundred miles north west of here. Then there's port stanley part of the falklands. That's just a ways. Further but due north the problem with both of those is we'll be sailing against the current and right into the wind at the mention of wind is if on cue. Driving gust hits their tent. Shackleton laughs. Maybe that's a sign so we still all agree that south georgia island is our best bet. Say eight hundred miles northeast spot. Were the endurance began. I agree. We'll have the winds on our side most of the time. Anyway wild cox eyebrow. I guess that's all we've got. What none of them say is that the chances of making it to south georgia alive are slim. Even if the wind's cooperate. Eight hundred miles is a long way to sail. The drake passage is known for its storms and strong ocean currents the wild season. The area are legendary now which men should go and which stay behind even though everyone knows this will be a dangerous journey. Most want to go spending months on elephant island waiting for help and not knowing if it will ever come is too much to bear. More xlii has to go. that's given. There's no better captain on stormy seas and even for him it will be difficult shackled him a lead that leaves four spots looks too wild for his input injured and we have to stay. Obviously and macklin is doctor and who need to treat them. I think what we need to consider here is who are the strongest who will be the most likely to help the boat through those sees the three of them discuss each member of the crew over and over who is strong enough to row eight hundred miles if the boat starts taking on water. Who'll be able to fix it. Who has the best temperament to stay here on the island waiting for a rescue crew. Who might stir up trouble if they stayed by the time. The rest of the men have woken up. Shackleton has top picks mind but he can't order anyone to come on such a dangerous mission. He will need to ask for volunteers. He finds most of the men out on the rocks. Skinning penguins and snow blows around them. Shackleton sits down and joins them. I'm sure it'll come as no surprise with this weather. That have made a decision. We need to get help as soon as we can. I will need four men. I don't ask anyone to come. Who has not thoroughly. Wade there chances. There's a good chance we won't make it. The moment shackleton stop speaking every single man steps forward. Go boss count me in. Shackleton looks at all their faces he has moved by their dedication their commitment their willingness to give up their lives. Finally he says simply. Thank you men captain. Wars lee will navigate clean. Benson and mccarthy will need your strength and mcneish if the boquets damaged with your excellent carpentry skills you'll be are mad two of the men immediately head for the beach. we'll get to work on building some decking daqing will protect the crew from the elements while you sleep. Shackleton watches them go then he speaks in a quiet voice for those of you. Who are staying. I want you to know. I will do everything in my power to bring back. A rescue ship shackleton looks up at the sky. He just hopes for all their sake. The blizzard dies down of had my cat cay schmear for four years now and he is my best friend. He is incredible. And i think he is the best kitty on this planet but i'm bias but as much as i love my cat. I'm not fond of the stink bombs. They leave in their litter box. Everything from cleaning to covering up. The smell can be a constant battle. That's why i'm excited to be trying out pretty litter pretty litter is kitty litter. Reinvented unlike traditional litter. Pretty litter superlight crystals trap odor and released moisture resulting in dry low maintenance litter. That doesn't smell pretty litter arrive safely at my door. In a small lightweight bag that lasts up to a month and shipping is free but above all else. Here's why pretty litter is a pet parents. Hero it's a health indicator pretty litter monitors my cats health by changing colors when detects potential underlying issues. Get the world's smartest litter without leaving home by visiting pretty litter dot com and use the promo code the odds for twenty percent off your first order. That's pretty litter dot com promo code. The odds for twenty percent off pretty.

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