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Yeah, as as as a gesture of Tulsi Grenada view shoulders, you leave the building, it's it it. It does take some beating. We will move on how ever and look at me on my. The UN certainly has been a report by the UN. Human Rights Council is unequivocally dampening about the behavior of Myanmar's military and rocking state going so far as to suggest that six, nine senior soldiers should stand trial for crimes against humanity, including genocide the dropping of the g word is a big deal explicitly framing the Yanmar regime alongside the perpetrators of sectarian massacre in Rwanda, Bosnia and Sudan. The report also criticises our saying Suci me on Mazda facto head of government, and increasingly ironic, Nabil peace laureate for insufficient efforts to stop the bloodshed Joan from the the, the diplomatic international community perspective. The the use of the word genocide is no small changes at that means things in the context. In this, this kind of context, that means things. It's a specific meanings and international law unspecific consequences. Moreover, the report was loudly drafted by my friend, Muslim man who used to be the UN reputa- on human rights in North Korea, and who I know is Catholic sometimes almost painfully careful over the word to use in his report, not only with genocide, not have been used lightly, Huma thought very long and very hard about all the consequences of saying that. And he would have known to this almost automatically triggers a recommendation over Ferral to the Hague which creates his own complication because my mom has never signed up to the treaty, acknowledging the entitled quota, Justice, so that to get these six people in front tribunal alone chance. And in any case, you actually need a resolution by the Security Council to overturning my mom diffused assign which China will almost certainly veto. I think we're about to enter a very frustrating situation, Michael, what do you think the consequences of this should be as John was pointing out the use of the word genocide in official documents means something the UN convention on genocide in fact, not merely permits intervention by foreign states. It actually buy some readings of the convention obliges it. So if the UN have crossed this threshold, this is a an instruction to the world something should be done. What should that something look like? Well, first of all. It, how'd you get seven hundred thousand people camped in some pretty squalid conditions on the border with the country from which they fled there. Now in Bangladesh, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. How do you get them to some kind of secure and safe environment? How do you make it possible for them to go back? And the thing is that as the years go by and I think this is the problem we're going to face with Syria's well where you've had people living five, six years in Jordan and in southern Turkey, hundreds of thousands, not millions of refugees. What do you do to get them back and this Ning to John talk? You know, I'm thinking, yeah, great. But you know, the China in the same way that Russia. The one of the only reasons they were able to get some of the war criminals to the international criminal Tribuna on Yugoslavia to the Hague was Russia wasn't such. Week position for an until two thousand and five. How do you get these people to Justice? And is it a waste of time to even think about it? How do you, I mean, once upon a time and you say, well, we'll see their accounts in Switzerland, whatever. And I'm I'll assume that some of these generals do have accounts, maybe not in Switzerland anymore. Maybe out in East Asia, they go to other safe havens. Do they John? Are there other places where people store their cash?.

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