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Tv's and probably not a good idea. I'm already making plans. You guys making plans about what you're going to do when we get out of this. I'm so excited. Yeah trion like what do you thinking? Daniel? Where are you going? Wow we're trying to reschedule our trip to Turkson and Keiko's so we're already trying to figure out when we're going to go and what time of the year and stuff like that and I wanna go back on a cruise like I miss cruising. I know it might not. Wow your wild what we want to go to Hawaii on a cruise or trying to figure that out. You know what's going to be different for me after the pandemic rather than driving through Popeye's I'll go inside and sit down. I'm coming Ed. I worked in dirty rice. Yeah Frog are you planning on what's going on. You know this summer. Something we have been done in a long time Lisa Nine Kate and we want to go on a road trip and so we're like what we want to go somewhere in stay in hotels and see parts of the country that we haven't seen before and so we're kind of starting to plan that out now look online and look and see places. We haven't been how we get there and hotel stay up. You can take a road trip now. Just don't get out of the car you have to stay in the car and we're looking forward to Gandhi guy can't hear Gandhi Ghandi's might have to reset her box and we recently now. Hello we can hear you looking forward to High I. I WANNA visit friends. I want because I have friends all over the country and I miss them and I haven't been able to see them. I had a girl's trip planned for April. Had to cancel that so hopefully when we get back up and at it. I'll be able to do that to you. Went straight nate in Heather did his fiancee. They they just threw darts at the map and said five places go. Oh go yeah we want to. I think this really gives you time to reflect on all the places that you WanNa go when you realize you can't go anywhere you realize. I Really WanNa see this place before I die. We wrote down like Australia Africa. We want to see your friend. Vienna haven't take us on Safari. I can't wait for this to be done. I can't wait for this pandemic. Tv over you know also on the list. Is You know a couple of bills that I always wanted to pay off and I just never did. Because I didn't really focus on it and was spending the money on other stuff. I think now if any people are finding it's good to be a little more responsible. Now what's plan ahead for if and when this ever has to come again we can move on. Yes scary around giving out hugs. I Miss Hugging God. Us With the pelvic thruster without without if you if you don't WanNa hug you don't have to have people who I am and you know that you know that's that's been my thing for it is so I know you get am I right. Am I right now right? Spirit scary is a hugger. He cannot wait to help people so I know scary. That's something that's very very very very very valuable to you. Yes God can you wrote rolled into the city and touch scary. I just don't I don't think it's going to go well for you scare. Because the whole point is social distancing keeping away from people as much as possible in your first venture back into the world is going to be the pelvis hug. I don't feel clear first. Know Okay. Clear LET'S CHECK. Skiers antibodies before we let we let him straighten. You've been wearing You've been wearing your loose sweats to work every day. Aren't you ready to get back to your nut hugging jeans? I really actually. Because a lot of different vendors are having sales online I got some great nut. Hugger jeans twenty-five then everyone. Yeah you're gonNA see me in different shades of Denim Danielle tell. I'll tell you this the one thing I'm not gonNA miss. I'll be honest getting dressed. I love just wearing clothes all the time. It's pretty putting on shoes commute across the house. It's Fabulous. I know the commute walking shoes. I mean I have to have to look it up can you? Is there a video on youtube the TC shadow walk in sneakers? I gotTa go find that Danielle. You should let your mustache grow out. There are so many things we can do coming. Put It on your wishlist. Put It on your dream. We have to do two things here. What ARE THEY GONNA BE? Danielle this Daniel and then Gandhi three things that we need to know all right What's going on Daniela? All right? Well Elvis. Do you have something to tell us? Are we getting somebody new working on our radio show? I don't think so. We have a hiring freeze at iheartradio. Is that tiger? Kingshill exotic is in talks with a US broadcaster to host his own radio show from prison. I'm wondering crappy us. Apparently he's being approached with the idea following obviously a huge netflix. Show that everybody's been watching and this radio station and the US wants him to have his own show from inside prisons okay. You know what they're doing. They're saying that they're going to get pressed off. They're not GonNa let him do that. They know what are you gonNA call it counselors? GonNa call it from inside the big house. So here's what I've been doing during the commercial breaks spending all my money on the all in challenge this was largely Ruben. And it's awesome. It's a place you can go there raising funds for Kobe. Nineteen relief but for as little ten bucks you can get in to win these experiences and these amazing prizes. I keep putting my money in to get a part in Kevin. Hart's next movie. I don't care about anything but being near Kevin Hart and don't really care about the part in the movie. I just WanNa Think Evan on the side of that but there's so many things like day with Ryan seacrest playing with the Dallas Mavericks Justin Bieber flying to your house and singing to. You obviously wanted safe to do that. So so many things so all in challenge dot com. Go check it out. And let's end off with Amy Schumer. She just changed the name of her five month old son. His original name was Gena. Tell Fisher and she realized that the first Middle Name together sounded like genital and so she now change it to Jean David Fisher staying. Said I didn't mean I never would have done it all right. Let's get into the three things. We need to know from Gandhi Gandhi. What's going on right now. Well today should be the day. Millions of Americans should see those twelve hundred dollars. Stimulus checks hitting their bank accounts. The first payment started rolling out Friday. Part of the reason there was a delay was so that president trump's name could be added. He made that request last month. So you'll see it printed on the left side of checks which is the first foreign. Irs DISBURSEMENT the April fifteenth tax deadline is extended for three months. The filing deadline is now July fifteenth because of the Corona virus pandemic. But only half of all Americans are taking advantage of that. But don't forget if you need more time you now have it and we talked about this a little bit earlier if you are one of the people who partake and all those facebook challenges and those goofy quiz. Be Very careful because a lot of packers are using that information that you're putting out there like the name of your first pet. The street used to hack into your information steal your and do whatever they want with it so. Be careful when you're putting that information out there. It's not really necessary. I don't think anyone's even reading it anyway. And those are your three things. Do you notice when you are trying to enter your security questions and answers for like a credit card online. Whatever they ask him who the name of your first best friend I was a loner. I didn't have any best friends next question. Yeah it's the by the end of the first concert you ever went to. It was boring. Answer these questions. You're hating yourself. Don't do it yeah. It's not a personality question anyway. So thank you by the way going back to what you'RE SAYING ABOUT TAXES. I it's still here but they've moved tax deadline to June July July July Fifteenth July. Fifteen we still have accountants working feverishly. There's my word Right now it is their tax season because a lot of people just want to get it done asap so anyway to all of the accounts out there doing their thing. We appreciate it. Thank you for your work. Let's take a break. We're back with your.

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