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NFL live is going to the draft. We've got you covered live from Las Vegas beginning April 27th at 4 p.m. eastern right here on ESPN. Menace, Marcus spears, Dan Orlovsky, Ryan Clark, keyshawn Johnson, and more will be together to bring you next level analysis in the latest news from the 2022 NFL Draft. You're not going to want to miss NFL live live from the NFL Draft. And don't forget, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Oh man, so excited the NFL Draft is just 7 days away, April 28th, 29th and 30th love every pick once again on ESPN along with our usual expert analysis. It's also available on the NFL network and ABC's coverage focus on the track prospects journey. All three days are also available on ESPN deportes, ESPN radio, the ESPN app. All right, time now for some read and react beginning with bills quarterback Josh, Allen, who revisited the team's heartbreaking loss to the chiefs in the playoffs this past season. Yeah, again, everybody wants to talk about that and it is what it is. It happened. There's no going back. If it was three months ago, might as well have been ten years ago, you know? So we've completely turned our focus towards this next season and trying to figure out how do we take that next step? How do we win that Super Bowl and again, every team's goal should be when the Super Bowl every single year? It's 31 teams that are going to be unhappy at the end of the season. So again, we got to be, we got to find a way to get to get to it and win it. Louis, how did the bills get over the hump in the playoffs this season? I think this is really just about fine tuning some of the situational football that comes up during the course of games in high stakes games in terms of making sure they understand exactly how to execute in those kind of situations that really determine the outcome of football games. Like, for instance, the playoff game against Kansas City understanding that Kansas City was going to go to certain players at the end of that football game when they needed it the most like one of them on your screen right now and along with Travis Kelce to where you can not allow those two guys to really beat you. You have to have someone on that football field that understands what's at stake at that at that point in time and they have to make sure they communicate that. So a guy like bond Miller, bob Mueller is going to play a big role in terms of mentoring this team on the field in those crucial moments so they can get over that hump. Now go to debo Samuel is requesting a trade from the forty-niners jet CM Douglas was asked about the potential interests in the star receiver earlier today during his pre draft press conference. Driving probably the one that's on everybody's mind is kind of what happened yesterday with the news corporation with vivo has asked for a trade. If you guys made a call for San Francisco, it was on a market that you're involved in. This one. How's it going to do that one with the bye Felicia reference? But really, really no specifics can't get into specifics when it comes to a player that's not on our roster. I'll just say that since coming here made a known, my job is to get the team better and we're going.

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