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Think he is that face of american metal down. Yeah metallica's star. John ray with with rash and and and everything but What was the story that you were going to talk about the auto show before the heaven and hell. Yeah that show was was so cool and obviously on a hopefully deal fantasy near that understanding what rainbow means to this man but so the last show that that came through in that i saw him thousand island and it was an outdoor events. And it was you know. August and It was a big rainstorm coming in and we thought we might get rained out. It was it was bad. You know so like by buddy eric. I'm mutual friend. We were going to show together. We've been together. Of course you'll come around with going and you know we're down moved down here and raining running lakefront and pouring and thundering and all that stuff and all of a sudden the storm goes out. And there's a giant rainbow all lake michigan and again. I remember telling people this. But you know peter my i like that. That's obviously the greatest. Show our ronnie ryan ronnie some summons everybody up and cleared the storm out and crawl the rainbow to come on was like all sorts of so great and i was the only one there were other guys. They're saying things. Joe but yeah i would call was a sign. Was it as a deadly time iphone. Yeah yeah i mean. Yeah yeah remarkable. How was he later on in his career was he just as powerful voice you know as he was in his prime the voice the voices pop of course it changed. It changed a little bit but the voice is always powerful little the stature and just come on stage belt belted and the passion yet and you know the way he moves his movements never change and and and all the you say the imagery you know when when it used to do that that little that little bit what happened and how when he would go to the I don't know how you call it but They they were going through a segment where he had red light coming up on him and he goes. There's a big. How looking up at me and as you just never know it was always the same. It never was like come on a wheelchair or your heating. I didn't skip a beat. Which kills me less than a year. He was gone on that. You know it's amazing. What did they do. They do deal songs during that period or those are just sat at stuff. Beat it every I believe you know. I don't remember the The exact lineup. it was established up. There was new. There was new stuff that they put out on on that album that that was the old status plus they did like the bible black. There were sweet song that they put on that one I i can't. I can't recall. They did all the stuff. I have to look that up because i think it was you tony. I only in vinnie only been yet correct. Correct markle author and a friend of mine. I had no idea a lawyer. Friend of mine rogue offensive. I've seen this show. He's pro and i'll beg out two years like you're kidding me. You never get a chance to now. You've you know one thing about the deal community with fans as you guys instantly connect if you got deal shirts on or if you're wherever you're at you know i mean there's a place downtown call lockdown which is like this burger places crazy burger place and they play heavy metal music. While you eat similar to coupons and you've met now the turns out to be one of your good friends. Yeah yeah another another great story you got the time Yeah so. I went and was actually the anniversary around. Ronnie's passing back from not sure. How many years in but it was Was sixteen and i went there. I drove my bike. I gotta aright and they've got a big mural on the wall by the way. I don't know if people know this of chicago. People knowledge unfortunately lockdown that there anymore. He moved on better even better things. He's in california right now But there's a big mural random ronnie tight is out there so that i gotta lock down. I'm gonna go over here. And i'm sitting at the bar and they got you'll go and stuff and they got great burger and i i hate to be that guy but i says you know i. I don't wanna be that guy asks you know. Play this or do that. But it's the anniversary of the guy that's on your wall outside that. Do you think we can play. You know maybe one one deal some in you know much and You know in his memory and she says yeah no problem whatever and then the corner was guys kinda like playing with guitar cocco couple of people and turns out it was y- owner so he goes back they're put in. Dvd of deal live at the spectrum in philly and starts playing it from start and he comes up to talking to me like the greatest friends matters brother Big fan and the funny thing was that they just eat played that that all the crew and the laypeople ever. Nfl can you put something out like no a lot this guys but it's still to this day a true good friend and Was just awesome. We've we've been. We've been friends ever since the always put me friendships that that i Cultivated just knowing riding the oh and listening to song. I mean i. It's one. I was in new orleans. My brother's bachelor party. I went to a bar called the dungeon. Any guys know at the end of the but a great place to go down and listen to the metal and got you know skull dark oils and all that kind of stuff. It brokaw and i put on. I forget what song i put on. It was a sabbath. Some problems and i'm singing. It and i looked to my left and there's guy looks take you just got off the golf course. He's got no short time polo shirt and the two and he looks at me and we worn off to each other. Whatever song guy's name is charles South carolina to this day. If you walk in front of me. I wouldn't even know i wouldn't even know but to this day i'll get random pat. Hey was looking in. Die young. The other day bobby orr. I'm listening to die. Young right now body how you doing. I was already in a back and forth. You know random so back. Ronnie gave us music. He gave his passion for his music and friendship to you know he gave. He gave all hispanic community. Basically a fan. Yeah yeah yeah you fans you know. He was with the fans that was that was big for him in. How does that correlate with him. Being italian italians are very into family. Family's very important in the italian community and not part of the upbringing. I mean you know. That's not just you know. Put the family. Let let's face it. You're nothing without your fans right. I mean you can put all the music out in the world but nobody comes to see your and nobody to it. What you know. You're playing music right. So you got good your fans and and then even translated with wendy. How the blues were at the house of blues. Hominy yoga cycles came through and she's there happened to be on vacation and when grammy illness a deal. I i'm a big fan around. Sorry for your lots. And she was all smiles hug. You know beijing so much for being here just humble and knew that you know the home if it was a humble with.

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