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Cohen denied the moves had anything to do with the campaign and were simply part of a failed deal successful or not professional or personal one constant figure in so many of trump's deals over the years his loyal footsoldier michael cohen alex marquardt cnn new york up front next stadium notes on donald trump's fixation with oprah i'm a kinsey atwood and a stephen universe podcast is all about pearl and that means didi magna hall returns to talk about the character she voices when i first audition for the show it was for curl and safety but i don't know why i don't know if i made it up in my mind when i read the description that she was sort of like a mother lead type 2 stephen uhhuh i just kept saying that in believing that so listen to the steven universe podcast now at apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts his donald trump feeling threatened by oprah ginny most looks for answers well number one they were just too friendly mega celebrities what would you do differently young forget about it out purchase forget about it it's all calling each other by their first names well now president trump is tweeting about very insecure oprah winfrey biased and slanted hoopoe peron's so she can be exposed and defeated just like all the others this after the president launched her come on man moderating pro and anti trump voters on sixty minutes it was the insecure jab that had oprah supporters citing apart calling the kettle black insecure you for real there was a gift caption live footage of oprah caring about what you tweet peres hilton put words in oprah's mouth don't make me come over there tweeted a comedian donald trump calling oprah winfrey insecure is like batman versus superman calling black panther a flop in.

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