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Two tricky read you know those those two dose q of the amid eighth good the idea that the uh the gang record i mean you know is the guy who hit it hurts other there yeah that will i mean you sit there is like nobody wears on you ending ending known you've got a fifteen year old daughter really were on so uh but if not this is pretty cool to see how things involved because that's how supposed to go and i think give back to one of the questions i think ladies new had um no people can't be afraid for things to ball that's the biggest thing you wanna leave often like that's that's the hope you know it you know what not involved in your life is like being born but never turn it warned i mean like what you can never get a that wasn't supposed to do so is like people make hamas light armored stated say well i'm not i'm not saying without your what she said i'm not standards thing i know is like eight thousand meat and and starting at the cannes no i'm not doing that now i'm going to sugar fish every chance i get done in a i'm on i'm trying to use that route can i have an and have a nice glass of wine in it not only ball from that perspective but he volved in my way of thinking you know they don't change who you are at the root i mean the principles in in the moral than what you believe in but army volvo now you crazy now working as hard not to evolve with was i i just you know and i think that the more we can help our kids understand it's okay to evolve it's okay to change it's okay to put yourself in a better position it's okay to think different.

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