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Hi, I'm Sarah cancer. I'm a journalist and scholar and the author of the book the view from fiber country. I'm Andrea Chalupa, a writer, journalist and filmmaker business gas let nation where podcast covering corruption in the Trump administration and the rise of a thorn hairiness around the world. And today, we have a rare guest appearance by hope we have some hope on the show this week. I'm so the Blue Wave continues, and I'm still on the Blue Wave steroids, which is really funny. They're talking about how the media because maybe because many independent class aren't going to be impacted by this far-right takeover directly anyway, economically. Their communities are on the front lines of the hatred that spending power under this whole Trump rise of Trump, but they called the election too early by saying, oh, the Blue Wave didn't show up. Not only did it show up, but it's still going. So check out this beautiful thing. So from from the Washington Post Democrats. Appeared poised to pick up between thirty five and forty seats in the house. Once the last races are tallied that would represent the biggest democratic gain in the house since the post Watergate election of nineteen seventy four even Josh Barro a business columnist from New York MAG wrote, we haven't processed the magnitude of the political shift in Texas. It's not just Bego coming close. It's the house races Dem's picking up fourteen seats in the state legislature close down ballot statewide races Dem's only need to gain a little more ground in Texas to win there. So again, what we saw in the Twenty-eight midterms was an incredible important shift moving the ball further down the field so to speak to use a football metaphor, which I don't often do. But these extreme times, they will we're getting closer. We're building infrastructure. We're building a foundation that we're going to continue to build on and benefit for racist to come. Now. Let's look at the Senate. According to rep Eric swallow for the Senate Republicans had the best Senate map and a hundred years thirty five seats up for reelection in two thousand eighteen twenty-six held by Democrats. This is me talking now for this was like taking candy from baby which they probably literally did on the border when they had children kidnapped from their families next up in twenty twenty Republicans will have to defend twenty two seats compared to just twelve held by Democrats. So we have them in the crosshairs four twenty twenty the Senate could be ours. We work hard enough. Now. Keep in mind, Paul Ryan has gone Bob Goodlatte whose own son spoke out against them. Do not both my dad. Bob Goodlatte was the Representative who tried to get rid of ethics watchdog in the house and spun it as some great Orwellian thing improve government. No that was a horror show, and he tried to do that. Jason shabas. Thank God is gone were Bacher Putin's congressman was defeated at never thought that could ever happen. There's he's he's held that seat. Scott Walker was defeat. It'd governor Wisconsin his own terrible voting rules making it harder to call. A recount kept him from calling recount. That's just beautiful Justice. Now, Susan Collins of Maine is next and Steve king. We we can get them this time around. We nearly got Steve king this time. So let's finish them off in twenty twenty by keeping the house taking the Senate and the White House if we continue to work hard, and we're smart we can soon be under one party rule again, and that will be the party of far more progressive Democratic Party. And that is when the real work begins because climate change is coming for us. So another thing we can celebrate Jeff flake lived up to his name as a flaky Senator pretending to care, but then voting for Trump's agenda anyway voting for Cavanaugh, even after an emotional confrontation, by for survivors, pleading with him, not to Jeff flake will be out of the Senate, come January. I mean, he chose not to run. Because of course, he's a coward and democrat Kirsten cinema will take his place a woman with moral, courage. Reg- that is incredible. And that is hard work that did that. And we will have to continue to work hard. We want to continue a these amazing victories another Bluewave miracle. Mike espey a democrat could pull a Doug Jones in Mississippi. There's a video of his Republican challengers Cindy, Hyde Smith saying if he invited me to a public hanging..

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