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With ABC's juju Chang talking with Jamie Lynn Spears Your propellant insurance money update now at 6 50 General Motors rolling out a used car website with a huge inventory today GM introducing car bravo a website that will list all the hundreds of thousands of used cars at their participating dealers throughout the U.S. and also show used cars owned by GM and GM financial The auto giants finance arm this and of course with all of these shortage of used cars and lack of inventory and high prices More of today's money news now From ABC News Wall Street now stocks closed up despite a gloomy report on inflation the Dow rose 38 points The S&P 500 added 13 for the day And the NASDAQ closed up 35 points Investors reacted to a number of economic reports starting with the consumer price index If you think you're paying more for just about everything you're right Consumer prices jumped 7% in December from a year earlier the highest inflation rate since 1982 It's the latest evidence that rising cost for food gas rent and other necessities are weighing on the financial pressures of American households Daria albinger ABC News And coming up we have traffic and weather and then the business of making a movie if you're a foo fighter Next If it seems like everyone is zooming this winter you're right They're zooming back to the Washington D.C. auto show The region's most exciting event is on again with hundreds of new cars trucks SUV sports cars and exotics including the all new EV pavilion showcasing everything electric This year's show is a COVID safe event with world class sanitation precautions The D.C. auto show January 21st through the 30th at the Washington convention center for tickets and details visit Washington auto show dot com Masks and proof of vax require This is Dan Dan uses navy federal credit union to save and invest Luckily for him maybe federal takes the legwork out of managing his money which gives Dan time to work on other.

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