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Man, it's a tough game to to call, but Crystal Palace don't score enough for me in Everton's too good in my opinion, for Chris pal, I see Everton winning this game two one, although Wilford saw on Crystal Palace's just a heck of a player. He did resign his contract stay in Crystal Palace which some people say it's mistake because they are club that might be too small for him, but he loves the club. I could see him having a big day as he's always a threat to have one of those games where he scores a goal or two, and really just takes over games. Guilty cigarettes in Everton player has been playing great lately, and he continued that was international game for Iceland, sharply son from Brazil. Again, another young, another good young player who started off the season. Great. But. This one is tough to call for me just to see was going to look like with players coming back from the international break, but I like Everton's do now. I see them taking the win here. Maybe a two zero scoreline. But regardless, that kind of wraps up the EP l. for the week, talked about some of the picks. Some of the teams coming in what to expect. We're gonna take a quick break. We come back. We're gonna talk about the US women's national team as they face Canada tonight. For the championship game. We're gonna talk about some news regarding Wembley stadium in London that has an effect on not just English Premier League soccer, but maybe the NFL as well. So I'll be right back with you. We will be right back. I'm still here. Giving a beach close enough. So that base between you and me. The way all Dan dance way into the music girl them buddy and how you move. And every time you cross my.

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