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I went to berlin you can't really one hundred meters without seeing markers and stones had been place next to the homes of jewish families that were abducted german seem to want you to go to the holocaust memorial they were intent on changing the narrative they didn't want to be thought of as nazis and fascist forever and i just don't think we've created cultural spaces in this country that motivate people to say never again to this history of enslavement and lynching and segregation in the absence of that commitment i think has left as vulnerable and not only do we not do that we actually romanticized this era and we tell stories about how glorious wonderful the architects and defenders are slavery are and alabama confederate memorial day is a state holiday jefferson davis birthday is a state holiday we do not have martin luther king day in alabama we have martin luther king slash robbie leader stevenson has made montgomery his laborat tori and vast experiment to shift the narrative on american racism 's roots and legacy and he's taken as models similar efforts in south africa rwanda germany and especially its capital berlin where stolpa steiner literally stumbling blocks bear the names of holocaust victims swept up from nearby apartments with there's a vast holocaust memorial just south of the brandenburg gate acres of concrete slabs of various size that you cannot avoid in berlin history comes at you around every corner but the nazi viewpoint has no presence there in the spirit of never again the street names replace to what they used to be before an audience kind of power historian sir richard evans is author of the third reich in history and memory we asked him to trace germany's path to reckoning the concrete source because.

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