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A great guy. You're a veteran. i it's just getting old. You get hurt. I don't know how coskun in is still in the league You know they have arguably well not arguing. I was gonna say arguably the two best players in the nhl but there's no argument that connor mcdavid is the best player in the nhl. Then there's leon seidel number two or number three in the national hockey league but a terrific tandem can't do it enough. There are so many holes. There i know they picked up some pieces. That they think will be championship caliber. You know the zakheim hymens of the world's correct you know here's a guy. He was on my fantasy team last year. Of course he was with toronto. I loved him. But i mean this is real life emily. I can't live in a fantasy world. But i get disappointed. All the time with the oilers. So if there's a team that can knock them off and don't sleep on seattle like that. There was sleepless in seattle but never sleep on seattle. My thoughts on the oilers are exactly the same as yours. I don't understand why they didn't get a goaltender. I just don't like it's now practice as gm to me. Zakheim is a guy like great. You have him. And he's gonna add a ton of value playing alongside mcdavid. Yes played with austin matthews. But like that doesn't address the deaf down your lineup which has been the issue all along. It's not can we find someone to play next mcdavid. Wait find people to play behind mcdavid. Do you think that was a pretty good pickup. It really do amaral too. I mean let's talk about donkey guy. You know really well. So i wanted to tap into your brain about duncan keith. What's he got left as he still hungry he is. He's really hungry. He wants to play until he's like fifty he is like like brady obsessed with his body does infrared at home. I'll kind of weird stuff. Who but he's super competitive and are you super competitive though and i think it told on him to be in chicago last couple years losing and i do think that he kinda that veteran leader. Who's been there one before that the old hockey men do believe you need to win. But it's true. Sometimes we'll talk him. Do know right in some ways. And i do think you need that kind of veteran leader back there and for those who are laughing. Maybe you're laughing at me. Emily secretly about. I'm saying the crack and could win the pacific division like sixteen to one odds to win the western conference. I mean another preseason means absolutely zero. But what i've seen so foreign. I'm anxious looking forward to covering them. Obviously vegas opens up with them. At home against seattle on october twelfth on espn some afforded seeing them up close and personal but when you have that terrific goaltending tandem like philip grew chris trigger. That's half the battle okay. Pushy got those big burly defenseman or at least five. You've got a handful of big burly defenseman with leadership qualities marchiano. Donna is one of my favorite favorite players. Just gets it. Great leader you know. Obviously former captain with calgary flames. You know all of that. So i am not really counting out the practice. I'm not going to be surprised if they shake things up in the pacific division because it's a winnable division with you. I don't think it'd be a shock to make the plasma only question this team is who's going to score the owl's yeah so much strengthened their defense and i feel like this is one of those teams kinda like the national predators last year. We're like a defenseman. Romeo's your case leads them in points. Whether it's like vince. Don mark gear donahue just running the point and the power play so as long as they get enough offensive. Contributions like yes. Jaden schwartz and naturally. We'll get like really forty goalscorers or consistent point you know producers in this league maybe not on their own. So i'm a little worried for them on offense just the depth there but from the back end especially in goalie. There's deep is anyone and i'm with you. I think they can be a playoff. Yeah and then. There's like vancouver. You know. I mean very disappointing year last year for the thought thatcher dem cult took a bit of a step back. You know different things went on there. And they're you know as we speak. patterson went. They're always something going on marriage just like that. Just attracts chaos and drama. Yeah i just. It's really a shame and it's such a passionate fan base. Some of them are a little nutty by the way in vancouver. But it's a beautiful city as we know but you know. I just think i am afraid to parole my money at the center of the table where the vancouver cannot saw that. They're actually going to bounce back. Big enough yeah. They could get one of these playoff spots in the pacific division. There's no question about it. If the seattle take doesn't make it you know as a top three in the pacific division or edmonton for. Some reason suffers a horrific injury. Is somebody that you know. I won't even mentioned it. Because i'm not putting anything like that out in the universe i still believe in the edmonton oilers by the way. I think it's good for hockey but I you know. I know they still have got oliver edmund lawson kinda girl into now in vancouver got stars and of course you got once these guys sign are get extended join us and all that they should make the postseason they should grab one of those wildcards in the west. But if i'm vancouver canucks i'm really gunning forget the wild card you have to deal with another division you must. You must get one of these. Postseason bursts got finished in the top three. Yeah for me. The season goes is allies. Pederson goes it really does last year before the season i predicted it was like dark horseback that he was going to be. Mvp just because he was on that traja day and he didn't have a great season at all It just wasn't up to his standards. It didn't look like a star player this year. I'm looking again for him to be a superstar and if he is and he can make everyone around him better..

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