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It's friday january twenty ninth. I'm dan radcliffe in these. Are your top stories for the gwinnett. Daily post podcast brought to you by key. Amal of georgia police are looking for the man accused of calling in a fake bomb threat against the smoothie. King location owned by his ex-wife. Lawrenceville is beginning to crack down on illegal parking. The gwinnett chamber has introduced a new board. Chairman and board members. Swannee has a new police. Chief and george walton academy teacher. John griffin has been named outstanding teacher of american history. Why by kia mall of georgia. We provide award winning. Customer satisfaction have been a family owned business for over twenty years buying or leasing with us as fast and easy and you can get pre approved online and simple steps. We offer top dollar on trade ins and have new vehicle specials that are updated every month and are factory trained technicians make servicing your vehicle convenient with extended service hours. Stop by and shop with us on the lot or visit us online at love. My key dot com our top story today lawrenceville. Police are taking the first steps in a parking enforcement effort designed to curb illegal parking in the city starting monday with actual enforcement of the parking rules to begin march first orangeville police will leave violation notices on the windshields of vehicles that park during the grace period these will effectively be warnings although habitual violators or drivers whose parked vehicle creates an immediate safety. Issue will receive a citation with the warnings will stop once. Full enforcement begins in march. Are you following. The city's parking rules see specifics. At gwinnett daily post dotcom chamber recently introduced its new twenty twenty one board chairman and board members georgia power metro north region director. Doug jenkins will serve as the chamber board's chairman for twenty twenty one. He follows capital city. Home loans tammy shumate who served as the chambers twenty twenty board chairwoman. The new chamber board with more than forty members is the most diverse board in the organization's history. Hey guys it's a manly your local host gwinnett native two thousand and twenty's been different year for sure but if the time has come for you and your family to buy sell or rent a new home hanging sloppy properties is here to help peggy and her team have been in gwinnett and surrounding areas for thirty eight years. Now helping folks just like you and me pegging. Her team are a little different per team of thirty five. Plus realtors realize at fostering strong relationships within the community is the key to their business. Peggy's team of professionals can work with you regardless of circumstance residential homes new homes rentals with listings all over the county in today's climate. You hear a lot of noise from others on how they can help you. The differences at peggy sloppy properties. They're buying and selling for neighbors family and friends. Don't you believe you'll get the most value from a team that knows the lay of the land visit peggy slap you properties online at p. asked pete online dot com or. Give them a call. Twenty four seven at seven seven zero two seven one five five five five. Peggy delivers the very best in bonet and georgia real estate. Because you deserve no less concerns atlanta. This is jay lewis owners an engineer. Solutions georgia lewis. What should a homeowner do. They have a crack in their block wall corner of their door window or concrete foundation. Well jay. if it's a diagonal crack this. Lets us know that they should be concerned in. There could be a serious problem. Then they should call her office at six seven. Eighty s o g now in set up an appointment to have one of our qualified. Professional technicians come out to their property to take a look at the problem. I'm consumer investigator. Dale cardwell. I've done the research already so you don't have to. You can trust engineered solutions of georgia give engineered solutions of georgia. A call at six seven eight. Eso now.

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